Spiders Web Fiction

Hey Everyone,

After searching facebook groups for anything serial novel related, I was surprised to find so very few groups devoted to the cause over there. In an attempt to bring more attention to our writing medium on facebook, I've started a facebook group called "Spiders Web Fiction".

I'm just getting this started so the more support I can gather the louder the splash we may create over there eventually.

If nothing else, I encourage you to stop on over and check out my mission statement and go ahead and promote your serials. Can't hurt, right?

I've already posted links to a few places, including Web Fiction Guide, but if any of you wish to share your resources, advice, or anything else with other serial authors, please feel free to do so.

Thanks for listening.


I went ahead and joined. It'll be under my real name, and not my pen name.

Thanks Emma for supporting the cause. Feel free to promote your work there ;)

I'll definitely be doing that! Probably after I eventually start my rewrites.