Spots Now Available on Kindle Bookstore

For those of you who started reading Spots the Space Marine and lost track of it after a while, I've put together a compiled and edited version--including a rewrite of the first 15 or so episodes to bring it up to the standards of the rest of the story--and complete with the graphic novel pages, on the Amazon store:

The Smashwords version is forthcoming, but my Amazon version is DRM-free so you could probably use Calibre to change it over to anything you want.

Three of the reviews from Webfiction Guide got quoted in the beginning of the book! So thank you for those. :)

Bought it over the weekend, look forward to reading it from the beginning.


I sent my art advisor off to buy Pay Me, Bug this week, also, it's just the sort of thing he'd enjoy. :)

Your book is very recommendable!