Spots the Space Marine Promoted by Amazon

I've been meaning to post this for weeks and forgetting to, so finally...

I got a promotional e-mail from Amazon a few weeks ago for new Sci-fi/Fantasy books, and when I glanced at it, I found M.C.A. Hogarth's Spots the Space Marine at the top of the list, together with a thumbnail of the cover art. I thought it was a nice change over the problems with Amazon over this book earlier, so I thought I'd mention it. Congrats!


Super: Sci-fi/Suspense/Adventure, with Superheroes

I got that email too. I'd assumed that they were sending automatic emails based on the pages people visited (as I did more than once during the controversy). I didn't realize it was more general promotion.

That's highly ironic.

You are serious? O_O

I can forward you a copy...

Sure? O_O

haikujaguar at gmail...

It's still possible that my initial assumption was right and that Amazon customizes their email based on pages you've looked at on their site--which means that anyone who viewed Spots' page more than once is currently getting emails that include it as something they might want to purchase.

Still, wow. o_o

I'm still getting stronger sales on that title than I expect... but then, I'm also still (somehow) getting traffic about the space marine thing to my website from offsite.

In some ways I wouldn't be surprised if you got a trickle of traffic related to that as long as Games Workshop lasts as a business. I think I recall reading that the issue's now a permanent part of their Wikipedia page (including links back to you).

I'm beginning to wonder, to be honest. I think I am underestimating how long things "live" on the internet, in terms of people stumbling onto them and passing them around as if they were new. Because they are new, to them. *shaking head* I should do a t-shirt. Tiny little author, big hulking silhouette, collapsed. >.>

It's an amusing t-shirt idea, at least.

From the outside though, it seems like you may finally be getting the good point of publicity (increased awareness of your work) without the bad points you were experiencing during the worst of it (stress). Of course, you may disagree...