Stalking Shadows now COMPLETE!

I'm shouting this everywhere I can and probably confusing a lot of people, but my long delayed story Stalking Shadows is now complete!

Oh and hi WFG community! Sorry for having my head in the sand for so long.

What a pleasant surprise :-) I've been waiting to read the rest of that for a long time!


Thanks for your comments. Could I get a little follow-up on your comment in the last chapter? I'm concerned that Gran's motivations may not seem 'right', as in not natural. She's not under any outside influences. I'm worried her behavior will confuse other readers.

The parts that led me to think she might be under outside influence were:

- In the hospital, she was really hard on Mary and seemed unconcerned for her safety. Poor Mary couldn't figure out what was going on, this seemed out of character for Gran. However, this could be explained by the Shadowman's effect, since it was said that it makes you feel drained and surly

- At Mr. White's house, when he asks her why she wants Mary to fight the shadowman, she says "that's just the way it's got to be" It seems like she's holding something back. I thought maybe she was struggling internally with some influence that was preventing her from acting, so it had to be Mary.

- At home, Mary said "you've been acting weird since this started" Implying Mary has noted strange behaviour from Gran.

I think these can all be explained by what you said, ie my theories 2 & 3 : Shadowman effect and worried about Mary. However when I was reading it I thought it was foreshadowing that something else was affecting Gran.