Starting a review series: submit for reviews!

Hi ya'll,

I want to start a review series called The First Fifteen. As the title suggests, it's a review of the first fifteen chapters of the story (and more, if the series is that gripping). It's intended to be useful for both readers and writers alike.

I'd love to start formulating a list. The only criteria is that you need a minimum of fifteen chapters/posts/installments/episodes etc. In my opinion, fifteen chapters/posts/episodes/whatever provides more than enough time for the writer's ability to show and for the promises, conflicts, and characters to appear in the story.


- please reply to this thread with your serial

- OR, alternatively, send me an email at [email protected]

- list all the spots where you'd like the review to be posted

All reviews will be posted on a site that I'm beginning which will be a duo review/interview site, as well as on WFG (and anywhere else you would like it to go).

This will be a first come, first serve basis. I can't say how long it will take to review but I'm generally a fast reader. Really just depends how busy work gets over the summer.

Thanks, ya'll! I look forward to reading and reviewing your submissions. Please spread the word!


I'd love a review! I'd like it on WFG and your site as well. :)

Each chapter is posted in 2 installments, so while I have about 14 chapters posted that is 28 installments, which should fit your criteria I believe.

Please note the illustrations cut off after chapter 13 (25th installment), the reason for which is explained on the web site.

This looks cool! I think beginnings are important, and they're one of those things that a lot of people struggle with, because it's during the beginning that the author struggles to figure out what the serial they're writing really is. It'd be nice to get some insight on a bunch of different beginnings.

(I'd love to see some more discussions on endings, but that's kind of hard to do without spoiling stuff.)

My serial is Godpunk. To make things easy, I'll just link it here:

WFG and your site would be great.

Curveball is broken up into issues, and each issue is broken up into parts, but if you go with the first 15 parts of the whole serial it'll get you halfway through Issue Four:

You're already a reader / follower of mine, so this wouldn't be any additional reading effort, would it? :)

Over the next few days, I'll update the third arc to its edited ebook release version. Then the prologue and the new interlude 1.6, and I'll go over the first two arcs again because I realized just how much Wordpress messes with formatting (and eats random lines / paragraphs). After all that, the first 15 chapters will be exactly the same as they appear in the books.

I'd love reviews on WFG, your review site and finally on Amazon. Once the book is up there.

Thanks for offering this! <3

Well, we've "only" got thirteen entries so far (many more are written and complete, but not yet published). All run between 4k-7k words, so there should be plenty of fodder worth chewing. :) Depending on how long your process takes, you might be reaching my story by the time 15 are up. (I currently update weekly.)

From Winter's Ashes is located at:

Sure, I'll jump on the bandwagon.

If you eventually get down to mine I'd advice you to read the Wattpad version. It doesn't do funny crap with font-size and is generally easier to read than the blog which is the primary site.

Sounds interesting! You can do mine if you have room, I can always use more eyes on it. Fifteen for my story happens to coincide with the wrapping up of a particular conflict-within-a-conflict so that's a decent point to get to. Link is in my sig.

I will advise though that each chapter is broken up into multiple parts of 2000-3000 words for easier reading. So to read 15 Chapters of the Solstice War you have to go through like, 50 or 60 website pages worth of writing. Each page is not actually a complete chapter.

Reading only 15 parts would put you at like, the middle of the 4th chapter.

This is awesome!

Thanks, guys, for your interest!

I'll review in order of the posts.

Which means that, Nina, you're first :)

I'm always happy to read and review (like Chrysalis says I already follow him and a few others), but I always need structure or else I fall off so having this review/interview site would be beneficial to me, to you guys, to your readers. Everyone wins!

I'm a she! :P But, yay. Good luck and have fun with our literary precious. :)

Ah crap, sorry, Chrys. I should've known that! My bad!

I would like one too, but since I've just gotten a review from Billy, I can probably be bumped back if someone who hasn't been reviewed yet comes in. I don't really have a book out, so just one on this website would suffice.

Mind reviewing my serial Darkeye? A review here at WFG would be great.

I see you have a lot of requests here- and fifteen chapters of each is a LOT to read! So I will totally understand if you don't get to mine. But I'd love it if you did!

Zephy, if you're getting requests from people without reviews then push me down the list. I already have three reviews and feel like I'm in the loop.

Koryos!? I didn't know you were on here. That's pretty cool, I really enjoyed Darkeye and am planning on starting Earthcast soon. I'll have to do a review sometime.

Ahem, anyway, I'm game. Lyncia is an in progress serial of mine:

Alternatively, JukePop:

If you get to it, a review on WFG is fine, but Alex already gave one so super low priority.

I have some reviews, but all but Sten's were written for a waaaaaay older version of my story that doesn't exist anymore. My editor has done some fantastic work! For that reason, I don't feel bad about asking for reviews again. I have high hopes that someone will have mercy on me and take the later arcs into account, because many plot elements don't start coming together until much later.

The edited arc 3 will go live before Friday. :D

I'm going to put in for someone else's work if that's okay since I don't have time to review myself right now. :)

I'd love to see you review Rackham and Crane which just got listed recently. Chris Poirier's review alerted me to this awesome story (thanks, Chris!), and I'd really like for it to get some further attention.

(And definitely someone should look at Chrysalis's story too! She's doing some awesome writing!)

I'm glad people are reading Rackham and Crane. The authors are friends of mine, and I recommended that they submit it here. It's nice to think that they might get additional readers out of it.

Zephy669: On another note, if you're willing to review a serial that's been around for a while like the Legion of Nothing, please do, but if you do, feel free to make less of a priority. I'm always willing to try to get the story more attention, but other people need it more.

Thanks, E. Foster <3

Started reading Fooled..... so far liking it.

Guys, it's great to have a backlog, so keep submitting!