Sten 's two latest reviews

FYI I've edited the status to reflect the state he found them in (one unfinished and one partly behind a pay wall). We don't have a description for the latter so for now there just won't be a status.

I feel like if you're putting it behind a paywall, until there's a specifically label for it, it should count as 'unfinished'. I mean, it's unavailable past a certain point, right?

I think that adding a "Paywall" status is perfectly legitimate and ought to happen on the WFG. Paywalls might not be anyone's *favorite* way of monetization, but at the end of the day folks gotta eat.

Is it not possible to just reach into the guts and add 'Paywalled' in there?

The status has been updated to "no longer available online." That's the policy. WFG lists, specifically, web-based fiction that is available to read for free.

I'll run through the list of unreviewed and write about those with tags that match my current interest. It won't be a horde of reviews as my taste is a bit narrow.

Chris, if for some unimaginable reason have some extra time, would you do a very unscientific analysis? I get the impression that the word 'zombie' more or less means 'will not be reviewed'. Hope I'm wrong.

(I'm the wrong Chris, but) zombie web serials have been reviewed here before. At one point in time I think there was a bit of genre exhaustion where zombiefic was concerned, but I just did a search on "zombie" in the WFG search bar and most of the results had reviews.

Ah, thank you ubersoft. Then it just looked like there were zombie-fics all over the place in the unreviewed section.

A comment in general, I've seen quite a few (didn't mark them down) 'dead' stories there. Dead meaning error-message 401 - 404 when I hit the link. Even think I've landed in something that couldn't possibly have anything to do with the story described once. While I don't plan to comb through that list from oldest to newest again, where do we report this in case we happen upon one.

I mean, not much use listing something that doesn't exist after all. (and I'm aware I'm probably steering this thread away from the original topic by now)

If you send me or Chris an email (see our profile pages for email addresses) about any such listings you find we can mark the story as abandoned. Then it won't show up in the searches any more. I volunteer to do this as Chris has plenty else on his plate.

Yet another suggestion for the new edition of WFG: a way for readers to flag this right from the story page?