Story Art

I'm curious about how many folks around here a) have story art to go with their story or b) have plans to get it. I'm considering pulling together a cover or two for my tales.

That all said, if you have art, how about links? I want to see the pretty pictures.

I have commissioned several illustrations from Gail of Dionysia Design & she is currently in the process of creating others for me.

An example of her work is the header on my Refuge of Delayed Souls website

I am currently in the process of updating the site and reposting the story - it should be back online by the weekend - and you will be able to see some of the other illustrations then.

I cannot recommend Gail enough - she is absolutely brilliant :)

Commissioning the artwork has been a very enjoyable experience for me - it has been fantastic to see the characters and scenes come to life through Gail's art. I am really up for commissioning more in the future too either by Gail (who I know is really busy at the moment) or other digital artists.

What a rubbish idea! You should'nt combine art with narrative fiction! You especially shouldn't tell portions of the story solely through illustrative means. Now that is a load of bollocks!

Well said... using pictures with stories just plays to illiteracy and probably pregnancy and drugs.

Which is why I include graphics in my blogbook FLESH WOUNDS

@Miladysa - that artwork *is* awesome!

I've been thinking of getting someone artistic to do some art for my site, possibly a 'cover image' kind of thing, but the problem is I'm pretty skint at the moment and don't feel comfortable shelling out tons of money. :S If only I could draw....

Personally I fought for a few days (weeks?) with Blender until I managed to get a more-or-less satisfactory rendering of my space station. It's not perfect but I'm kind of proud of it, since it is my first 3D image ever. ;)

It is a good idea, especially using art to explain things that cannot be explained using words. Perhaps it's time to learn some drawing techniques so that I can draw the battle scenes.

I enjoy drawing, but haven't the time for it. My skills are kind of limited for what I personally want, but I've done a few things for Eikasia. Sketches, and concepts. Some horrid, some that I find passing.

I'm hoping to commission a book cover and concept art at some point.

I have visited all the art links posted on this topic so far - thanks for sharing them. I think you have all done a great job!

@amaltia - It hasn't worked out expensive at all - Gail's prices are more than reasonable :)

I do all of my art myself, in Photoshop. Which takes a great deal more time than I'm willing to admit. I don't think I've even used half of it, yet. >.>

@Miladysa - does Gail have a website?

@amailtia - hmmm - looks to be down at the moment

I'll try and find out if she has a new one.

@Tahjir - It always looks wonderful!

There's an entire continuum from 'pure' text, through illustrated novels, to comic books, or if you prefer the more literary term 'graphic novels'. I don't think there's room for any kind of snobbery here. Anyway, this is the internet, which is supposed to be open to experimentation.

As for me, I'd *love* to be able to commission art for my stories, but where do all the good (and inexpensive) artists hang out?

In some cases,

I cheated a bit and used dollmakers. I hope to save up some money to do some character designs, but I'd like to finish the novel first before hand, though I probably do need to get some artwork done for some updated (and more accurate) ads. I was lucky enough to have a fan draw three pictures for me that are amazingly accurate(without me commissioning her), but I don't know what happened to her. =(

deviantart is good, like jim said. then look on weblit, there are people doing commissions. I don't know what style you're looking for, but a lot of the art work looks pretty professional. It makes me wish I could draw.

I commissioned artwork for the home page and character pages on Midnight Cross.

Part of it was a convention of the genre -- superheroes, gotta have an illustration.

Part of it was honestly a time-saver. When I'm trying to keep the length of an individual episode short, and allowing for the notion that down the line someone may dive into the story mid-stream, I wanted them to get a clear image of the character without devoting time to description. With that out of the way, it lets me mention appearance characteristics only when they're useful to the narrative.


That's a really good point about pictures creating a continuity for the characters, as well as the setting.

It always kills me when people say comics and movies interfere with a reader's own visualisation: because most books have pictures of characters and settings right on the cover.

It always kills me when people say comics and movies interfere with a reader's own visualisation: because most books have pictures of characters and settings right on the cover.

I argued that case in an essay I wrote for my degree. Tutor bloke loved it, said I was tearing down the barriers between high and low culture. Sadly he DIED and got replaced by someone far less open to such ideas :(

One of the reasons I'm avoiding traditional publishing is because of my reliance on imagery as much as writing, though currently the balance leans much more towards the writing because illustration takes more time. I actually have plans to have some chapters (and side-stories) entirely illustrated, but again the issue of time is a factor (I worked out that, to illustrate a 100-word paragraph to the level I want would take around 10 hours!).

@Sora Using dollmakers? That is such a great idea. Any particular site?

This might be cheating, since I don't have any artwork posted yet to link to... but the plan is to include quite a bit of supplemental artwork and short, funny comics of stuff that we found hilarious but a little too ridiculous to include in the main story.

A teensy bit of it is here:

If you follow the link, you'll be able to tell that I/we are not settled on an art style. There are semi-realistic pics next to extreme physics-bending anime. We're hoping to present a more unified look when we post the story.