Story was rejected becuase the editor believes it doesn't fit the site.

I just want to clarify that I'm at the very least partially at fault for that and I'm not really blaming the one who reviewed it,I'm going to assume that it was rejected because the story is hosted on, a site that advertises itself as a site for erotic stories.

While I agree that it was not the best site to choose for hosting the story,It was picked mainly for having the option to have branching paths and multiple authors, the story is so much more than an erotic story or another simple "harem" story. It has very deep lore,characters and magic system,sure it's a little choppy at the beginning but it gets really good later on(only 2 of the 11 paths have this problem IMHO).

Some paths of the story have sexual content but it never "drives" the plot forward and it's not necessary to read them. So please give this story another chance if it's possible, I'm speaking as a fan and not one of the writers, I should've written the things above in the editor's note when I submitted the story.

If anyone wants to read the story here's the starting point:

and a little guide to get to the different paths of the story:

Paths are very different but all of them are good, The themes vary and authors choose to focus on different things but there are certain things that are consistent throughout the paths, if you have any preference for a particular kind of story let me know and I'll try to recommend you a path that fits best,my favorite is Funatic's but it does suffer from a "bumpy" beginning

I'd hazard that the issue had more to do with it being a fanfic than it being erotic. Erotic content isn't necessarily banned here, but we do tend to keep our accepted content original, at least to the degree that the original concept belongs to the author of the piece. I'm fairly sure that TheDespaxas is not the same person as Sung Sang-Young, given that he explicitly stated here: that he was a fan of the original who wanted to make a hentai version in a different setting. That's not what we do here. Smut content is generally fine, as long as it goes beyond smut to some degree, but I'm pretty sure we don't host fanfics.

He just took some of the basic principles of the original gamer manhwha and made his own story, the characters,organizations, and the lore are all original,it is way beyond the original gamer in every way at this point.

And again the "porn/hentai" version just means that he wanted to do something like the original but with sexual elements added on,It never drives the plot in a meaningful way and there are paths where there's very almost none of it,Just please give it a shot and see for yourself.

Okay, but like I said before, it's not the smut that's the problem. WFG hosts stories with sexual content; plenty of them. The issue here is that however good you feel the story is, it is still a fanfic. There is nothing wrong with fanfic, but this site is not FOR fanfic. As the editor apparently said, it quite definitively doesn't fit the site. I did give it a shot, as you asked, and the above-mentioned facts remain unchanged. The rejection from the site is not a criticism of the work. It is simply a statement that it is not what this site is used for, or what is hosted here.

Well thanks for giving it a shot, I still think that it doesn't exactly fit the definition of fanfic because everything but some very basic concepts are original, It would be like saying that every story with cultivation concepts are fanfics of the one that originally wrote a similar concept, or that every story with virtual reality MMORPG is a fanfic of legendary moonlight sculptor.

Yes as you've said that original writer wanted to do "The Gamer" but with sexual content but it became so much more when other writers joined him and started building up the lore behind the story, It shares NO characters/guilds/organizations/leveling mechanics with the original story and that's why I do feel that it fits the site and that it's a fan-fiction by name only, But if the editor still feels that it doesn't fit the site then there's nothing I can do but to accept it at this point.

Thank you again for giving it a fair shot Rhythm and also for answering, I'll be sure to check out your story later!

You're welcome.