Submission Problems

Hello, I have a question regarding submission status.

Last week, I submitted my web novel Arcana Magi and it's status said 'Awaiting Editor Attention' when I hit 'Submit for Approval'. I logged out afterwards assuming that it was going through and when I returned the next day it's status was in 'Draft', which I assumed meant that a reviewer was reading my story and writing a review about it, but now I don't think that was what 'Draft' meant.

So today I just read the forum topic 'Submission timescales' and the poster mentioned about the 'Draft' Status being stuck and I noticed that my submission was still on 'Draft'. Now I fear that when I logged out I didn't give the 'Awaiting Editor Attention' portion of the status to go through and may have stopped the submission prematurely. So I resent the submission and got the 'Awaiting Editor Attention' Status again.

Was this okay? How long will it take for 'Awaiting Editor Attention' to change Status? Will it change to another word other than 'Draft'?

I don't want to accidentaly pile up the reviewers submission pages with multiple resends of my story.

Thank you for your time and help.

It's showing as Awaiting Editor now, but it looks like you updated it this morning. If it says "Draft", it means nobody is looking at it. I can't comment on the change in status -- there's nothing in the system that could cause it, that I know of. Sorry about the inconvenience.


No need to apologize. I believed that when I logged off after clicking 'Submit For Approval', I may have stopped the submission from going through. So this time, I stayed logged on and now it went through. Now I can start spreading the word to my readers for support.

Thank you for time and help, Mr. Poirier.

I look forward to reading everyone's review, good and bad.

I can assure you that logging off did not change the status of the record. ;-) If it did, nothing would ever get submitted. Nope, something else must have happened.


Nevertheless, I got my submission through, and that's what counts. Now I have another problem. That big box with the '?' mark that happens to be link to my Group Page on Fictionaut in the Arcana Magi Listing Page.

How do I get the picture of the web page up like everyone else here?

I'm sorry for being such a newbie, but this is my first venture in posting my serialized stories on the Internet, and there so many features that I still have yet to fully understand.

It'll get done when we have time.


mr poirier? hehehe! that's silly rabbit or some such ;D

welcome to the wondrous world of online serials, HM...

I've been here months and I still can't change mine. It's a big secret.

Is it showing up in your list when you look at the submissions page? The older listings were done manually, and so may not have been associated with your account. If so, let me know, and I'll associate it.


Thanks everyone. I do feel nervous about how people would respond to Arcana Magi. I took baby steps in the earlier days of posting my stories on Fictionaut and I definitely liked what I wanted for my story. So now it's like I'm leaving the shire and reach out to more people who like to read.