Submission Time

I was just wondering how long it takes to get something approved and/or denied on this site when you submit your work? I submmitted my work in progress two weeks ago and it's still in the 'awaiting editor attention' status. Just kind of curious. I've only found one post on this topic where someone was told it took 5 days so I thought I would ask again. Thanks in advance.

If a backlog crops up, then it can take a while longer and a full editor review can take up to several months if there is a very large backlog.

I see. I can understand that. Thanks for replying!

Sorry -- I missed your message, for some reason. We do have a backlog of new submissions, at the moment, but we are still at it. Current time from submission to list is running around 2 weeks, I think. Things should improve in December and the new year.