Subplots and Pacing

Been sitting on my fic idea for a little bit wondering if I should continue it or just create a new story with only one main character. The story was a combination of 2 other plotines I merged together, with various subplots that are moved by important side characters. There was going to be 4 pov characters in all.

After drafting a few chapters for the introduction of the characters I noticed that the pacing seems really boring. I think it's because I didn't introduce a goal for each character in their first chapter.

I guess what I want to know is should I scrap it and start something with one character or focus on a rewrite.

If you really want to write this story, there's nothing wrong with going back and revising it in a way that will make it more exciting and increase the pace. Writing is rewriting.

Having more POV characters--while super difficult--is totally acceptable if you have a sweeping epic (just look at George R. R. Martin). It's even acceptable to have multiple POVs in movies which tend to only be 2 hours (look at Tarantino's films--all of which are ensembles with tons of different POVs).

The trick is to really give each character something unique. The way to do that is to give them each a separate want (external goal or A story) and need (internal goal or B story). You already identified this in your thread as the missing piece to the story and why you think it's "boring". So go back and fix it, if you want to. It's totally salvageable.

My own story has 8 main characters and multiple POVs. It's really hard to balance them all but it will eventually break out to three separate stories all of which have the same overarching goal with separate "character goals". It's hard as hell to do and can be super confusing. But it's also a great way to practice multiple characters, voices, events, settings, etc. The other thing I would suggest is to keep a third person POV. I started with first person POVs and it wasn't work (a review also said that the reviewer found it distracting), so I went back and changed it. Again, writing is rewriting.

The first thing I would suggest is to figure out what will encourage you to keep writing.

If it's a problem you want to untangle - and you can stomach doing it, then separating things out sooner rather than later will be good. However if going through a rewrite will cause you to loose steam and be unable to keep putting down digital ink, maybe there's a way to just make it better from here forward.

Thanks guys, I figured out what I wanted to do. It seems I need to cut a few ideas or at least change my perspective on the concepts. Now I just need to figure out which character to start the novel out with.