Subreddit for webfiction

Looks like one of the Goodreads folks has started a subreddit for webfic.

Well, looks like that gives Reddit another opportunity to hate me! :-)

(Reddit has historically not been kind to my webcomic. I get some of my best quotes from them.)

OK, I'm confused. I noticed in your Tales of the Big Bad Wolf post you essentially have three things:

A title

A URL to the site

A description of the webfic

But on the Reddit form, I only see:

A title

A URL to the site

A field to determine which subreddit it goes into

A captcha

... how did you add the description?

EDITED: Ohhhh... I see now. The other tab!

Posted one for Worm. Thanks for the heads up.

Posted one for Legion of Nothing. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

Did you submit one, Jim? I don't see it. Might have been caught by the spam filter.

/Finishes checking Reddit comment history for anything incriminating/embarrassing.

I posted one as well. It didn't show up. Probably because my account only has one other post to it. Or something.

Thanks for the heads up. Posted a link to Rema. :B

Hm. I'm feeling pretty thick right now. How did you get yours to show up?

AKK did it as a link post rather than a self post, so there's no description and clicking the link refers straight to her blog.

My suspicion is that you guys posted self posts with links (as I did) in the description, but since you don't have a (strong?) post history, it got labeled as spam. I sent a message to the guy that created/moderates /r/webfiction to see if he could check the spam folder and let the messages through.

But I filled in the captcha! That means I'm ok, right? :)

That makes sense.

Wildbow: So far I can see it under new but not anywhere else.

Gah, I can tell I'm getting old. Trying to understand Reddit makes my head hurt. I'm going to wander away now and mutter about those damn kids. :D

I don't see LoN's post. It might be spamfoldered and viewable only to you?

Wildbow: Easily possible.

Popping in to say you're not alone, Uber. I might've done it wrong linking to my site... was just copying what it looked like others were doing?? Never been to reddit. Maybe I should only do things when I don't have a fussy baby in one arm! :P

Moderator got in contact with me to let me know that yeah, one of you got linked to spam and the other got deleted. You're both up now.

Thanks for looking into that for us Wildbow.

Sorry guys - I posted here and then didn't warn the GOodreads contact about spreading the word. She's working on getting the site indexed in r/writinghub ...

I'm not too sure how well this reddit will fare. Reddit is one of those places that is kind of resistant to promotion but I enjoy the writers I find there. (I tend to lurk in r/fantasy and just read everything I can. haha.)

I'm more active in /r/writing. Nothing fancy - just critiquing people's work, getting/giving advice where I can, and maybe pointing people to Webfictionguide when the occasion comes up.

Anything we can do to help or promote Webfiction as a whole or help our community is a good thing in our books. Thanks again for mentioning the subreddit, SgL.