Substitute in at Legion of Nothing?

Hey everybody...

This isn't the way I wanted to do this, but here's the question: Would anybody like to do a guest post on Thursday of this week 6/23/2016?

I had someone lined up, but he had massive overtime at work this week and let me know today that he wouldn't have time to finish the story he was writing.

Now, I know that there are only a few days between now and then, but if you want, I'd willing to take just about anything be it original fiction, a poem, or what's essentially a blog entry.

Priority will be given to original fiction and superhero authors, but I'm not limiting it to that or to just one day. I figure that if more people want to do it, I'll take up to three people's posts, and post them on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That means though, that things will have to be in by Wednesday at midnight Eastern time.

For what it's worth, Legion has 2000-4000 pageviews and 300-600 users most days. So at least you'll get exposure out of it.

If no one's interested I'll just do what I normally do while camping--post a picture of the campground and an apology.

You can contact me at jim at jimzoetewey dot com (the least memorable email address ever).

I'm interested.

Obviously I realise you haven't seen any my work before, so I'll get it to you some point on Tuesday. That way you can look over it, make sure it fits your site and the quality is high enough :)

If for any reason OtherChrys can't do it, I could submit one of my interludes if needed.

I can pull something together, but I know I already had exposure on your site for the April Fool a little over a year ago. (Plus these things seem to come up when my site is in transition...) So I'm fine with letting someone else take a swing, depending on what matches best. Enjoy the camping!

You should do a double Chrys back-to-back :).

Otherwise, I'm willing and able, and I've got a couple of different things I could throw in the ring.

Syphax got me something already, but I would be okay posting four or five days of substitute work. If you all want to send me something, I can post a new thing every day of the week starting on Wednesday.

I'm interested. Although my stuff is not superhero in a classic sense it has superhero elements, perhaps portrayed in a bit more realistic fashion. Here's a link to the opening novella to give you an idea

This would be good for me, but it looks like I'm not the earliest bird. I've emailed you.

Received a failure noticed, though, so I don't know if the message made it. Apologies, if I've sent it twice.

Cool beans. I'll get arc 6 back from the editor tomorrow, I'll send you something then (or Wednesday at the latest). Thanks! <3

I'd be interested! I still don't have much of a following, so I'd be happy for any exposure I can get. Just a couple questions first. When you say "original fiction" do you mean 100% original, or just "not my world or characters" original? I have a story going called Juryokine which is a pretty interesting mix of high fantasy and a superhero story, so maybe I could whip up a short story involving those characters? Also, do you have a maximum (or minimum) word count?

Bearing in mind that there's a fairly tight turnaround time at this point, I've decided to post "people who give me stuff on time." I'll post them in the order they're received.

I've already received stories from Syphax and Psycho Gecko. So, I've got something for Thursday. Just let me know by email if it's coming or not.

Shaeor: I didn't see either message from you. My guess is that you might be misspelling my last name. People do that a lot.

Yup. I there's no A in your way. I'll be writing something which'll probably be done tomorrow or the day after.

Consider yourself lucky my great grandfather went with Zoetewey instead of the original Zoeteweij.

Is this for this or the next Wednesday?

Alright, i just emailed in my submission.

Sent mine in, too.

I have sent a google doc with my chapter.

Thanks, everyone. At this point, I've filled all the days available. If you haven't confirmed something with me or sent something in, it's too late. I'll let those of you who sent something in when you're appearing shortly.

The order of people's appearance is:


Psycho Gecko


Team Contact





Some of you might note that that's longer than a week. I noticed that too. I hadn't anticipated that many people would make the deadline. I'll be running them all on days I don't post until they're finished (even if I resume updates before they're all done).

When does it start?