Suggestion for the Reviews Page

Looking at the new reviews page, I realized as a reader, I would see the stars, but I wouldn't know what they meant to the editors. I know what two stars or three stars means to me, but I think it would be helpful for our readers to know why editors rate the way they do. It's true there's a page to find this information, but it's located in the About section, and nowhere to be found near the reviews.

It also now displays beside the rating selector when you are rating stuff. And, we often (usually?) use one of the rating phrases in the review itself. However, I suppose I could put a tooltip on the rating, or something . . . .

Hey Chris, do you want us to let you know about dead links? Any automated way to report them?

I think a tool tip would work, or a bar across the top of the page (though I don't want to mess with your slick new design).

@nomesque -- definitely send an email to [email protected] if you find a dead link.

@grant -- the other problem is that members are free to rate however they feel (and, trust me, they do), so it would only be something I'd consider showing for editorial reviews.

Ah yeah. I suppose it'd be hard to make our readers conform to what we think the reviews should stand for. I guess it'd work out overall.

I noticed that some non-editorial reviews appear on the review page but are missing from the frontpage.

Intentionally so, actually -- only member reviews marked helpful by one or more editors or trusted members (about 20 people, in all) make it to the home page. It's a quality control measure. Not sure how well it is working out, yet.

I've relabeled the home page column "Selected Reviews" -- hopefully that will help clear up the confusion.

Is that really necessary?

Our home page gets the most traffic, and we'd like the site to present well on first visit. That means setting a higher standard for what we put on the home page in terms of member reviews. We want the reviews that make it there to be thoughtful and useful. Hence the filter.


Well... then why do only certain members get the right to declare whether a review is worth homepage status? I think it's not too out of ordinary members' reach to be able to remark if a review passes muster, and I doubt the review-approvers get around to reading every single review in order to pass judgement on it. It sort of limits the pool of who gets displayed on the homepage, which is already given favor to established stories with the "featured story" section.

I'm just commenting on this because the homepage is also where a lot of ordinary members are able to make their listings stand out and possibly attract traffic by posting well-written reviews. It seems a shame to have that censored, and seemingly unnecessary, since reviews I would qualify as bad aren't a frequent occurrence in this small community.

Well, the people who get to pick have had some long and ongoing relationship with the site, and have posted a number of quality reviews themselves or have done other things to help the site improve. They represent a range of viewpoints (not all of which I agree with), and more members will be given that status as they merit it.

As for censorship . . . all reviews do show up on the /reviews/ pages, and on the listings themselves. All members get their own shelves where their reviews are also accessible. All ratings and recommendations do go into the ranking algorithms, too.


The point that I had though, was about the homepage and the traffic generated from being shown on the homepage. Whether the reviews are shown on the reviews page was beside the point.

But I'll let it go.

i guess the ideal would be to get the gurus to review your site then ;)

i agree that not often do we get poorly written reviews here, but this will change as WFG expands. always have to allow room for growth...