Super Powereds RSS Front Page Weirdness

Early last week I noticed that Super Powereds was listed on the front page RSS feed thingy (upper right hand corner) and I clicked on it to see the latest update. What I saw instead was the prologue (which I should have realized since the text on the front page read "Prologue," I know, DUH) which was a little confusing because the prologue for year four has been out quite a while.

Over the rest of the week what I noticed is that Super Powereds hasn't moved from the RSS feed notifier thing--it's always at the top of the page, and it's always pointing to the prologue. Which is weird. Either Drew's RSS feed is hosed and is constantly sending out a "HEY I UPDATED" message for the prologue, or something is out of whack on the WFG end. Either way I figure y'all want to know, and since I know Drew stops by here reasonably regularly I figure this is the best place to tell both of you.

Of course, for all I know both of you already know and are trying to figure it out, in which case nevermind. :)

Weird. I just looked at the XML and realized that it has the prologue(s) at the top and apparently must add each new update to the bottom of the feed--the opposite way a normal feed works. Strangely, the same feed works just fine in Feedly for me.

Jim pretty much hit the nail on the head. I've danced with tech support more than once, and the ultimate conclusion is that the feed works, but not in all feeders.

Basically the key issue is that in Squarespace, you can't decide which direction the content flows in, and in chrono-order or reverse chrono order. Meaning if I want my serial to look the way any reader expects it too (Prologue, Chap 1, Chap 2, etc) then I have to manipulate the dates so that the newest chapter is always the furthest back on the date line. Usually that means backdating, but in the case of Year 4 I used future-dating to make it easier on me time-wise. Unfortunately it seems that donks with certain RSS systems. Supposedly it Might get fixed if I manually shift all the dates, but I haven't had the time to put into that project for a maybe yet. Squarespace is stable as all get-out, but man, when they lack a feature it really hits you hard.

So that's why I always have to scroll down to the bottom of the list. Only for Year 4 though, Corpies is a whole bundle of different weirdness on my Rss

Notice the dates: they are all in *2017*. If you fix the dates on the articles, the feed should go back to working.

Chris, I didn't actually know it was possible to create manual RSS files (I am not the tech-inclined sort). I'll do some research on how to make those and see if I think I can pull it off. Might be a good solution to the issue.