Switching times or locations - how to make it clear?

Hi all - I'm about to launch into a major eight-part storyline within Dead Heroes but I have a bit of a problem... The storyline is made up of three separate stories, each set at a different point in time. There's the present (i.e. the continuing main story) as well as a story from the past and one from the future.

Each story has issues and points that complement / juxtapose with points and issues from the other stories. This necessitates quite frequent switching. While this wouldn't be so much of a problem in a visual medium such as TV, movies or comics (where you have various visual cues such as colours that can immediately differentiate which time-period you're in), I'm struggling to come up with a way to do it in a text-format.

I know that the quality of writing should make it clear to the reader which time-period they're in but if you switch quickly, I don't know if that will be immediately clear enough. The only other idea I've had so far is to have different fonts but I thought that might look messy..? I just wondered if anyone has ever had a similar problem?



Different fonts can start to look messy quickly. Have you thought of doing it the way they would in a print book (or, for that matter, in some TV shows): a quick line of text - "seventeen years ago." "Current era." "50 years in the future?"

Hi Lyn - yes, I was thinking of that. It would be fine for the times when I spend a decent amount of time in a particular time-period, but there are occasions when I switch quite quickly from one to another as scenes unfold kind-of-simultaneously. Thinking about your suggestion, perhaps I don't need to stick to one method. I suppose I could put a title above the longer passages and try to rely on the quality of writing (!) in the occasions when the scenes switch quickly. Ah, well, no-one said this writing lark was going to be easy...! Thanks!