Tagline Change

So, how would I go about getting Fabled Hearts' Tagline changed?

"This is fantasy as you know it and fantasy stranger still"

is far better than "We have Rocks"

It tells the reader a lot more.

Also if that becomes the Tagline, the line; "This is Fantasy, as you know it, but yet unfamiliar, and fantasy stranger still than that." at the bottom of the summary will need to change.


Well, I've been told by both Wildbow and Tempest that "We have Rocks" stands out better. Not sure how to feel about that.

Wildbow is Wildbow, and Tempest is a person I believe is very good with metaphorical hooks.

However my heart is filled with doubts. What does anyone else think?

Does "We have Rocks" make the cut?

EDIT2: It was actually "We have talking Rocks". Well this whole thread has been a bit of a mess and that is before anyone has even replied, well done SnowyMystic, bravo, bravo.

I see taglines having one of two purposes: either they encapsulate the essence of the story in a single line (X-Files "The Truth is Out There), or they serve as a clever hook to get a reader's attention (pretty much anything ever written by Sir Terry Pratchett).

If your aim is to summarize the story the tagline "This is fantasy..." works best, but if you are looking to snare a reader's attention "We have talking rocks" just...rocks.

I don't expect a tagline to be descriptive, it should be catchy, and "we have talking rocks" is much more eyecatching than the other thing imo.

I'd go with the rocks tag line myself.

Man, sometimes I can easily see the mistakes of my past self, and he appears to be a fool. Other times, I feel I'm competing against someone that is better than me at a few things.

It isn't funny how much of my writing is about recapturing my way of stories as a child.

At the time of making that tagline, I was scratching my head, wondering what on earth I'd come up with, in the end, I just settled on the rocks.

I've now had several people (three in this thread and several elsewhere) tell me that "We have talking Rocks" works, so that is what it shall remain.

I guess it isn't that easy to beat spur of the moment, brainwracked inspiration.

Thank you everyone, for helping what has turned out to perhaps be a bit like a painfully early midlife crisis of my serial. I'm just glad it isn't actually in the middle of its life and that it is physically incapable of wearing tiger pattern skinny jeans and buying a sports car.

Snowy, I can definitely relate to trying to catch on to some of the strange powers of our past selves. As a kid, I wrote a 900 page Harry Potter clone with a bizarrely detailed (nonsensical detail, but detail in volume) magic system, from start to finish over one summer. Nowadays if I can write 2000 words a day it's a real good day. It's weird to have lost the confidence that let me do that.

I think part of it is that some kids, perhaps us as kids, felt more free, we didn't worry too much about what was possible. I think losing the confidence one had as a child isn't that surprising. See, confidence is good, but it can easily become arrogance, and if there was one thing I was as a child, it was arrogant.

So arrogant.

The world however, as much as it can end up enabling arrogance, can be brilliant at destroying arrogance.

That and as we get older we have a lot of things to think about, things preying on our mind. Gotta think more about the stories. Take as many stolen moments as we can to dream of these other worlds.

Children can be more free than adults, and I think a lot of the time, we discard the wrong things from our childhood while keeping hold of things like petty jealousy and so on.

Honestly recently things have been a bit rough for me writing-wise, I think in the absence of that grand child-sourced power, there isn't much we can do other than not give up. Just by writing and reading, it is hard not to end up progressing.

Though, in terms of word count, I'm more just struggling against years of actively avoiding anything that even smelt of work. It really is quite impressive how much trouble you can cause for yourself with actions earlier in life. That said, it'll have been two years I've been at this come November.

Take that past me! You never could have done this!

Gotta remember while child me was filled with wonder and inspiration and even dictated a book and a half (then later finished that other book on his own). Teen me just whined about writing.

Oddly I never did come up with a magic system as a kid. Funny that.

Actually though something to take heart in, is that if you did it before, you should be able to do it again.

Count me as another vote for "we have talking rocks". In addition to being intriuging, it captures the kind of half-silly, half-serious vibe that I like about your writing.

I'm sorry to hear you're running into a rough-patch with your writing! For me, I think it's good that we lose the confidence we have as children...it's a very fragile, disconnected kind of confidence, isn't it? I much prefer the ironclad confidence we re-build as adults. Sure it's *less* confident, but I find it can drive one so much more efficiently, and it's so much harder to shatter than the egotistic confidence I surrounded myself in as a child.

Or maybe that was just me :)

Thanks for your concern, I'm glad you also like the tagline. Honestly I'm quite glad the majority seems to like the tagline.

It is a bit odd not having been able to recognize that it was fine. I suppose I could blame some external factor!

Actually on the subject of rough patch, I should be a lot more free the rest of july and all of august. Hopefully that'll let me settle down. It is amusing though that as soon as I go to three updates a week life hits me with a load of stuff.

On losing the fragile confidence, one thing my mother is fond of saying is that most things have to die a death before they can really come into their own. Well, not exactly what she said, but a related sentiment at least.

I really like "We have talking rocks" tagline. The other one seems a little clunky. And rough patches happen in writing. I'm currently going through one as well. Just got to push through it. It's times like these I'm glad I gave myself a buffer.

What you might consider doing is scrapping both of these taglines in favor of one that's quick, catchy, and descriptive. Not an easy task, but doable. Think of it has a challenge. :P