Takin' a Break

So, I've decided to take a break from web fiction to write a "normal" book. I will still show up on here from time to time, and when the book is released, I will post a link for (free) copies for anyone who can solve a (very simple) riddle. However, I simply don't feel as if my current project would translate well into web fiction.

For people who are wondering, the book is about a girl whose younger brother dies, and her journey to closure and acceptance of his death, while also trying to stave off insanity that seems to be closing in on her, and trying to find a serial killer who may or may not be the ghost of her brother.

It may seem a bit King-like, which makes some sense, as I've been reading IT, and I got the idea from a scene early in the book where Bill Denbrough is looking at a photo album, and his brother's picture begins to speak, which happened last time he had looked at it and caused him to think he was going insane, and I thought, "What if he actually was going insane?" and the pieces fell into place from there.