Taking Review Requests


I'm up for it. Sounds fun. You can find mine over at touchwebserial.com Nice to meet you, by the way, Sol. I'm Rhythm. :)

Sweet! Heya Rhythm, I wrote a comment on the prologue but I should have probably stated beforehand I'm very long-winded with comments so they'll all typically be really long, hope you don't mind! I'm glad you're giving me something to read, I miss the feeling of sitting down and cracking some text open.

Hehe. I don't mind at all. I may keep some of them hidden from the site, if that's okay. Just because I don't want to drown my chapters in commentary.

If your down, mind checking my story Battle is an Art. I loved to have some more feedback on my story. And I'm Thomas, Thomas Loud.

I too am up for it. Warning, some chapters are probably way too long, so no problem if it takes you a while. And feel free to be as long winded as you like.


That's no problem at all Rhythm, I'd say that works out for the both of us! I'm free to ramble to my heart's content and you can read all of that hidden or not. :) I hope to at least get 2 more chapters read before the day is gone but I'm having a lot of fun so far.

EDIT: Oops probably should have replied to everyone here but @Thomas I certainly will check out your novel, it's a pleasure to meet you as well.

@Wizard I'm super down for long chapters, that's exactly how I like them incidentally, both reading and writing-wise haha. Don't worry, I'm way sure I'll enjoy them.

I'd be interested if you're still taking requests. Codex is dark fantasy following four magically bred slaves as they struggle to survive in a world increasingly hostile to nonhumans. Chapters are a minimum of 3k words and I think the longest is around 6k. Posting started last month so there's only 9 chapters up so far, which sounds like it's exactly what you want.

I don't mind lengthy comments, though I'll generally table any major changes for the future in deference to the people who have already read it (nobody likes it when things change unexpectedly).