Talk about the Round Robin?

I thought it might be cool to have a separate thread to talk about the Round Robin so it wouldn't clutter up the main thread and we could still chat. Obviously no planning goes on here, because that would ruin all the fun.

If anyone has a problem with discussing it, read no further, and we can talk about taking this thread down.

I just thought it was funny (as in, I enjoyed it) that I was having Megan be prone to panic attacks (and have one because of this, as one prone to panic attacks just might) and through the magic of fiction, Trygve made her realize she was overreacting and calm down.

Who needs psychology or medication? We just need kinder authors of our lives ;)

I'm quite ecstatic about the round-robin. I've been tossing the idea of starting one for a few months now... For some reason, I never considered putting it here...

I feel like a DeeDeeDEE!

I've been toying with the idea for a while, actually. I thought it'd be cool as a writing exercise if nothing else. Figuring this site would be the best place for it, I wrote up a quick little scene and let it go.

Leave it to you guys not to disappoint. ;)

I suppose the next question should be-- how far can/should we take this?

Wow, this is getting rather interesting! But gah, I have no idea how to continue it. Ha ha...if I get an idea later I'll post, but in the mean time I'll wait and see if anyone else takes up the torch.

I just did. :)

Yeah, this is getting pretty cool. We rock.

In terms of how far we take it, it would be tough to mark an ending to the story, or a number of posts to get there, so why don't we say we give it a week?

We could say that the first post on the seventh day ends the story, or that at the end of the week, the first poster writes the last entry.

Then we start a new one!

Maybe the first poster chooses who starts the next one? Or just opens up the new thread and lets the first person in there start the story?

Sorry for ruining your mojo back there Alex, I just got the impression that Megan just panicked for a little while, while being perfectly capable of thinking through the situation if she put her mind to it :P

*Runs off to post*

EDIT: About the ending of the story. Wouldn't it be kind of hard to pull off? I mean, when so many of us are writing on it, isn't there a high chance of it spiraling out of control, effectively making it impossible to end after 7 days?

Hmmm, if it wasn't so late and I haven't drink so much maybe I would try to continue the story... for now, I will only give my two cents about the ending:

I don't see why we have to set an ending. This thing is supposed to be a writing exercise. The first few posts (p.e. my second post) are easy as pie to be written. But as the story unfolds, the writer finds himself bound by what others have created, thus adding a degree of complexity and forcing him to work with 'what he has been given'. After all, if this thing goes well, we will have a number of characters to work upon (we already have 4). So, if one doesn't 'like' the current protagonist, he can always chose n his story to give weight to another one, or heck! even birth a new one...

No one's going to write more on the RR? It died kind of fast, didn't it? :

I'll make a post if nobody else does. I just wanted to give it a buffer of 3-4 people before I did. I'll give it until tonight sometime, though.

AS soon as I have a free couple of minutes...

Well, I felt the need to post... not the best quality but lets see if it moves things along

Okay... So everyone had given up on this. Tag! You are all it...

finally... added my piece :P

EJ - your turn, man. You are my favorite writer, so don't let me down.


Haha. Okay, coming right up.

Ooooooh EJ, that is so good.nice turn.

I aim to please. ;)

nice one, EJ!

Yay. People like me! :P

Seriously, though. It's now someone else's turn.

*wiggles fingers magically*

I challenge you!