Technical Difficulties

So, my laptop broke (it's five years old and even in 2009 it was low-quality), and that was my only conputer. So, I've got two questions:

1. How do I handle the hiatus? I have no other way to type anything until I get a new computer, so what do I put on the site?

2. What do you suggest about getting a new laptop? This is my first time shopping for a computer, and I would just get a Macbook Pro, but there's no way I can afford that right bow, so what do you guys suggest doing?

I am new here, but experienced with laptop going puff and it being the only one.

1. Public library. You can at least go there and announce your issues and hiatus to your audience on a public computer or use a friend's computer if you can't get that to work. Just try to keep your audience up to date so they know you have not abandoned them. Some public libraries have writing programs on their computers now, so you can possibly work there and save your progress on a flash drive. If you can't do that, then use a notebook to take advantage of the hiatus. Use it to planning out your next chapters or even write them down in a notebook. It works well with fanfiction, but I am new to webfiction, so take this with a grain of salt. Well, except the notebook part. That works for all writing medium.

2. Depends on what you are wanting with the laptop. I do graphic design and art on my computer, so need a high processor, graphic card, and so on so the programs I use doesn't kill the computer or computer run very slow because of such. However, if you are just using the computer for typing which my laptop is now my writing mule due to frying a memory card and losing my some of my art programs, it does not take much processing power. So, look at your needs first and maybe some wants that your new computer needs before going shopping.

1. Get yourself to a local library, use the connection there. Handwrite and copy it over if you have to.

2. Depends what you want the laptop for. Newegg is a good place to look - I wanted a laptop I could game with, though, so I bought a Lenovo Y500 while a sale was on. I've had mixed feelings. On the one level, it can run pretty much everything better than my old desktop, most modern games on max settings no problem. The issue is that the trackpad really, really sucks, and I use the trackpad a lot. Basically I've had it for about a year now and I still fumble with the trackpad, missing stuff I intend to click. For everyday stuff, it's sort of inconvenient.

Of course, if you want apple, you're looking for something completely different.

My suggestions:

1. Be honest. Say that you've had a major technological issue and that the serial will be back as soon as you've sorted that out. Give them an ETA (even if it's an estimate at this point).

I had to do that recently, and my readers were all wonderfully supportive and understanding.

2. During my recent technological headaches, I picked up a Windows laptop that made me cry so much that I took it back within a week (Windows 8 + dodgy touchscreen/hardware = hate). Got a Macbook Air instead and now I couldn't be happier. Big price difference, but it was so worth it. If nothing else, all the Windows laptops on offer only had 4-hour batteries; Apple is 2-3x that.

If price is an issue, maybe ask about financing options? I know we have stores that'll do that for a reasonable overhead here. Maybe check out the options where you are? Or check Apple's site (if you choose to go Mac)?

I agree with Kess on PC computers. I am so lucky with my new workhorse desktop that I got Windows 7 before they stop offering it in December. Windows 8 drives me nuts with my mother's computer and hence my next computer will be either Mac or Linux system. Especially since I am shifting from Adobe to other art programs. If you are getting a Mac, I recommend looking at possible financing options, but you probably will get the best prices looking at a local computer dealer and tell them what you need. Some can build you a computer from scratch to right what you need for a fraction of the price. Hence why my desktop is a gaming PC so I don't have to keep updating it as I can get to the parts easily to replace if one breaks.

My suggestion: Ask your friends and family if they have an older computer somewhere that they're not using even though it still works. A lot of people upgrade their hardware before their old machine breaks down. That should work out for writing at least.

I believe some stores offer monthly payment options, that could be worth checking out as well.

Borrowing a friends old laptop is a great idea. That's what I did when a burglar cleared us out once. Sure, it overheated if you looked at it too long and one of the ram sticks was broken so it could hardly run windows - but it worked okay for the important stuff you really needed it for.

Usually people have a few lying around that are painfully slow but better than nothing.

Other options as mentioned: Libraries. Even internet cafes, they're usually pretty cheap.

Also: Windows 8 annoys the hell out of me too... Can't function with Macs though, I'm far too acclimatized to windows, I can't handle not being able to use a computer at a lower efficiency to learn newer UIs.

Yeah, Windows is totally off the table. Ever since they switched from the expanded start menu to the scroll menu on laptops, I've hated it, and once I discovered Linux I've never gone back (so much customization!!!) so if I get a normal PC it is immediately being switched to either Fedora, Crunchbang, Elementary OS (that one is my favorite, aesthetically speaking), or heavily modified Ubuntu. However, if I take the plunge and drop $1,000,000,000,000 on a Macbook, I will probably stick with OS X, since it is by far my favorite OS.

If you look in the right places, you can find Windows 7 netbooks for under $300. They're kind of defunct now, but if you're on a budget and only need it for internet and writing, it's perfectly suitable. I bought one for my mother and she seems to like it. Personally I haven't owned a laptop in years :x

Khrono, can you give us a hint about those right places? I think that would interest several people. ;)

Really?! I am one of those who want to know(oh, god, I just reminded myself of that interview I did for a local music program) where I can get one of those netbooks. My laptop is a bit inconvenient for travel and I can also use a netbook easier to show my portfolio. That or getting a tablet.

I got my mum's on ebay. There are a bunch on there for around 100 even. If you're skeptical of ebay they're between 300 and 400 on amazon. But if you just google 'windows 7 netbook' a ton come up in a lot of price ranges. Just shop around :)

Thanks Khronosabre!

I love netbooks! I lost mine recently (that's the one I replaced with the Macbook Air), but she lasted over 5 years. It was my primary writing device, so she saw some pretty heavy usage. I didn't know you could still get them with Windows 7 (and no stupid touchscreen). Grab 'em if you can get 'em!

Yep. Netbooks oddly fair far better over time than laptops. My current laptop is only almost two years old and looks like it could be 5 to 7 years old due to college abuse. The netbook I used to use lasted me for almost seven years till having to buy a new computer due to the core wore out and needing a laptop for school.

Netbooks are pretty cool. They're just kind of dead as a product since everyone wants tablets now instead. Tablets are nice too of course and you can get some pretty cheap ones and then a keyboard attachment and it's basically the same thing. Not sure any run 7, but if you're so adamant against Windows 8, Android tablets are pretty nice. I adore Android.

That's what I am going to do if I get a Tablet. My sister won a Galaxy tablet in a drawing and it works great. She even has a keyboard and working her own novel on it in her spare time. But, still love Netbooks, especially the Linux one I had. Working on that little guy was awesome, even if I did not have main programs to work with.

I finally got a new computer. I will be back to my normal posting schedule Monday.

I just posted chapter 8. I am officially back on my normal posting schedule. Now everybody should go and plus vote all of the chapters/leave a review. #sarcasm

I wanted to check your story out, then realized I had to register to continue past the first chapter. Which is something I never do.