Anyone familiar with forums.teetk.com? Someone recently posted a link to A Bad Idea from there, with the description from my website. The weird thing is that they posted the thread under the guest name, "BillyHiggins." So, like, they're impersonating me.

Is this just a scam to get me to click on a link to their website? Has anyone else had an issue with them?

This particular site is not familiar to me, but I've had a couple of hits lately from a SEO site. Since Wordpress automatically kills their spam in my comments section, they've found a way around: place links to sites on their own, click on it, wait for curious web admins to follow the links back from their stats page.

So this tactic is definitely a thing.

Yeah, I was hoping I left spam when I moved from Blogger to Wordpress. If only, haha.

Perhaps you can have the egg, spam, bacon, and sausage, Billy. It hasn't got much spam in it.

Obligatory spam clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE

What baffles me about spam is that I'm told "Akismet has protected my Wordpress site from 396 spam comments" - while I only have 55 legit comments total! (77 including some auto-post referrals I kept.) This feels like a terrible ratio to me, no idea what the spammers are getting out of it. I mean, I guess it's automated, but most of the ones that queue for uncertainty are on my post "Tour de Force", a really old entry (Story #1, post 11) with no comments and only 28 views. There must be something I'm missing.

Never had anyone actually impersonate me though, that sucks. Hope it's a one time thing.

@Mathtans: I wouldn't worry too much about your ratio of spam to ham. It's always terrible.

I have 17,811 actual comments (over almost 9 years) and 789,711 spam comments.

I use a multi-layer form of defense on Drupal. First, the comment form (and account registration form) has an invisible field (hidden by CSS) that a) regular sighted users won't see and b) is properly labeled so a blind user's screen reader will correctly identify it as something to skip over but c) a spambot will automatically fill something in it. If the form gets filled in, it's immediately discarded.

Second, I use something called Mollom that is pretty good at picking out spam.

Third, I have my comments fields set up so that people can leave a signature, and it's pretty easy to scan those to figure out which of the remaining posters are spammers and which aren't.

It works pretty well so far, but some of you get more traffic than I do.

For the two days I had a Wordpress, I got only one "comment" from what was just a clothing store link. And I couldn't even remove it. At least on Blogger, I can add stuff to a spam list.

Still, spam will worm it's way everywhere. :P

Honestly, if you're ever uncertain about a site link, just Google search it first.