tell me about your favourite villains

Dary gave me a couple of ideas for some fun blog posts promoting online fiction. Since I haven't read everything out there, I want to open up to 'submissions'. :)

I'd like you to submit your villains, or those from stories other than your own.

Please give me:

-the villain's name

-how he/she obstructs the hero (superpowers, other?)

-his/her motives

-a short description

-the trope category the villain falls under (if you know it).

Note: I will make sure to stick to the facts you give me, but I may reword/summarize your answer if it is too long, or restructure it in other ways to make it sound more catchy. By submitting you're agreeing to let me do this. :)

*edit: hey - it's free advertising for your story. are you really going to complain?*

Either reply here or email me at [email protected]

Thank you!

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I spent too long reading through that Tropes thing. It's worse than Wikipedia. I have THINGS TO DO you know :( :(

I know, TV tropes are addictive, aren't they?

Do you think I should change it so people can submit their own villains? I was just thinking they'd be the ones to likely know more about their story.

*Edit: I'm going to change it. If it gets too self-promotionally spam-y, I'll know for next time!*

Problem is that readers are never as vocal as the writers, at least from what I've seen/experienced XD You might have better luck asking around on Twitter?

I haven't write about the villains yet, since that most antagonists have short appearances due to the fact that they are not the focus of my works. But I think I can write about these two villains which I'll write about them soon in the folder 2 of program 1 in Chaos Fighters:Cyber Assault-The Secret Programs (click at the second link of my signature):


-Nistrea Alkion

-He has very good sensory coordination when using computers, making the main characters hard to attack his guardian, which was completely under his control.

-To serve the Black Raider gang.

-A 15 year old teenager who always wear green shirts and trousers, with brown boy hair and hazel eyes.

-Evil Minion



-His brass armor is very sturdy, with a sword that has a cannon barrel as its hilt, making him more powerful than previous unnamed villains.

-To serve the Black Raider gang and Nistrea Alkion.

-An armored knight wearing a titanium mask and brass armor. Having yellow hair with half a meter long.

-Evil Minion.

Note: Satriach is Nistrea Alkion's guardian, which is a cybernetic existence with consciousness within himself, like Megaman in Megaman Battle Network and Megaman NT Warrior.

Thanks, Murazrai, exactly what I need! Just wondering: if you had to pick one of the two villains you mentioned, which would you choose?

I'm hoping to get around 10 or so villains, one from each story. Got a couple others lined up via twitter but there's still room for more.

I want to participate so much, but my villain has shown up once, and the rest of him is just his legend preceding him. Let me give you what is known about my villain:

- Captain Burian Lake

- Captain Lake is the most bloodthirsty pirate sailing the seas of Ta Ante. Legend is, he sank a hundred ships and killed a thousand sailors.

- Motives are unknown right now. He's a pirate. Why do they do what they do?

- No one sees Burian Lake and lives to tell about the experience.

- Lake is most assuredly a Type 1 pirate: Chaotic Evil, very interested in a map that may lead to treasure. There may also be some sword fighting.

(I'm only 9 sections in, so bear with me here).

I think I'll choose Satriach because the one who actually do the evil deeds is him, not Nistrea as Nistrea only operates Satriach.

Hah, TV tropes has to be the most addictive website around. Even more so than youtube, I think.

And, since I'm here I might as well throw my own in...

- Other-James

- A mirror image of the main character. While he is seemingly invisible to everyone else, he can still interact with his surroundings.

- He gets a great deal of pleasure from the fact that no one knows which side he's on. He'll help out one minute, then the next drag you down to your death.

- A thin, pale man. Dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit, along with a pair of silver mirrored sunglasses that he never, ever takes off.

- Wicked Cultured

Awesome, guys! :) The blog post should be up sometime this weekend, I'll post the link here when it's done.

@grantcravens & tahjir - I assume your villains are from Boat Story & One Last Autumn respectively, and not from anything else you're writing. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Keep the villain descriptions coming, if you want. I can always write up a follow-up post if I end up with too many villains!

I have two favorite villains to write in The Peacock King. Oddly, neither of them are the Peacock King. (I consider him more a primary antagonist. Besides, he already gets enough screentime!)

Name: Cade Fayegeaux

How he/she obstructs the hero (superpowers, other?): Cade uses trickery and deceit, organized crime, henchmen, and any underhanded action he can get away with. The seedier the better. He's especially fond of setting up others to look like they did his misdeeds instead of him. He has magic and the power of a deep, indescribable nothingness backing him. His favorite method of doing anything is making the good guys forget he exists. Occasionally, he tries to pull this on the author. Instead of forgetting him, she features him in a forum post. ^_^

His/her motives: Cade just wants to keep Nul happy. Wouldn't you? Anything further than that, he obscures as intently as he does his own identity, to the point that he himself has forgotten it.

A short description: Cade's appearance varies depending on how many Armed have managed to hit him lately, but his nose is always at some wrong angle. He has brown hair, tanned leathery skin, and stubble. He is the nondescript bum on the streetcorner that you so easily forget. He likes to be forgotten. It's kind of his job. Cade doesn't get very many detailed descriptions, because most people forget what he looks like *as they're describing him*.

The trope category the villain falls under (if you know it): Oh wow. Cade is possibly THE Dirty Coward.

(Thanks for getting me almost lost on that site! T_T)

I'm gonna post another, but I wanna get this up so it's saved. <3

Name: Xen Xaillyndesse

How he/she obstructs the hero (superpowers, other?): Xen sends out men to kill the Armed and possibly any of the Judge's family. Or kidnap them. Whatever works. <3 He more orders others to do his work for him, but on the side he's doing lots of evil occult scientific work to take people apart. He Does His Bit For The Empire (But Really For His Boss Thelea). He'll find any way possible to give Aurocale an edge against Radia.

His/her motives: It's his job, and he enjoys his job, because it means backstabbing most people that he comes across. Which is what his position, Kommissar literally means. Somewhere between loyalty and just being really mean lies Xen Xaillyndesse.

A short description: Severely cut black hair, pale skin, blue eyes. He's a typical Xaillyndesse. He's also VERY BUFF. He either has a smirk on his face or an icy glare. He wears a black uniform with green and silver detailing - the colors of the Empire of Audiva Rocale. He has mirror-shined jackboots that he probably stole from the Judge.

The trope category the villain falls under (if you know it):

Magnificent Bastard! He's a bit too confident to be a Smug Snake, and too much of a bastard to just be The Dragon.

Okay, let's see, I guess I'll give you one of my first villains to show up. Most of my characters are more ambiguous, anyway, and the other obvious villain is, well... dead.

Name: Mardalan

Obstruction: Glamour (faerie magic)

Motives: Evil and mischief. She's a faerie. It's fun to screw with humans, and why would she do anything except for the sole reason that it's fun?

Description: A tall, white-skinned woman with bright red hair. She wears a long, high-necked, Victorian-style black dress. She can also make herself extremely tall and grow claws when angry.

Trope: The Baroness is the closest villain trope, but naturally, The Fair Folk fits best.

......and suddenly I realize that my stories do not have any villains o.o;;;

@Irk I'm aiming for one villain / story in the post. Shall I pick one of the 2 you posted, or do you want to?

@Clare Thanks! Awesome. And I take it your story is Chatoyant College, though your member profile isn't linked up to it?

@Isa haha! :) well not all stories need villains. and loads have characters who are somewhere in-between. and I may do a follow-up post on heroes.

Go ahead and use Cade, everyone else does. <3

Great. Can always use your other description for a follow-up post if I do one!

Still have room for a couple more villains, so you other authors, get your descriptions in now! Deadline is Saturday as I'm going to post the blog on Sunday.

If you don't make the deadline, don't worry: submit anyway! I can always do another round in a couple weeks.

He uses his scheming abilities, intellect, and power within the corporation to thwart the heroes and get what he wants. Many of the upper echelons (the most powerful of psychics, witches and geniuses) respect and/or fear him and he has eyes and ears everywhere. He will use any and effort person and ability at his disposal to keep the heroes in line. And to protect his own hide.

Daniel is a man driven by power. He loves it, he craves it, and he will do anything to keep it. Ownership and possession, too, play a part and Daniel can be equally driven to possess something (or someone), and will use his power every way to that end. Daniel merely wants to stay in power and keep moving up the corporate ladder.

Physically, Daniel stands a little over six feet, has sandy blonde/brown hair, and a charming boyish smile which conveys innocence and trust and makes it so easy for people to fall into his traps . . . I mean, for him to win people over. His green eyes, however, are his trademark beauty feature.

Oh no, I hope I didn't miss out. I thought we had to use villains from another story.

Vincent is a terrorist. He's a cursed wolf, which pretty much means he's an agent of the underworld and collects souls for the underworld goddess (i don't want to give away too many spoilers). He tends to go for overkill. He's not afraid of sacrificing his own people to get what he wants. He believes in expending a few to save the world and he really lives up to that philosophy. He is trying to take out his father who is the ruler of Atheria and get the crown. He doesn't care about how much damage he makes in that process.

Vincent pretty much looks like Sephiroth/Kadaj from Final Fantasy. He has white hair, lime green eyes, and is over six feet tall, so I know without reading the tropes that he falls under the Evil Guys with White Hair Category.

Ah, but are my villains, villains? And are my heroes, heroes? Remains to be seen.

I do have some cut-and-dried villains. Hildin, from Warin and Emmae's story, is one, and I'll just deal with him, since I'm (re)writing him right now.

-Hildin of Tremont, called Usurper

-He kidnaps Emmae, the heroine, does horrible things to her, and tries to kill the hero. He has magic. Though he's not as powerful as the hero, he's a lot less scrupulous.

-He loves to f*ck with his brother Warin, the hero, and he wants to make sure Warin dies so that he himself can inherit the throne properly.

-Your basic psycho-sociopath, Hildin resembles his older brother greatly: long, tall, angular body; dark, nearly black hair--Hildin's just past his shoulders, Warin's in a long braid; brown eyes, slightly deep-set; a nose sharp and on the large side. He is a raging dominant, and has a completely submissive servant in his cousin Gian (known as Gill in the draft).