tell me about your heroes!

You may have seen the villains thread, and the subsequent blog post.

This is the follow up to that, this time focusing on heroes instead of villains! Of course, thanks to Dary for the awesome idea.

How it works

I'd like you to submit your heroes, or those from stories other than your own.

Please give me:

-his/her trope category

-his/her name

-a short description

-superpowers / special abilities / etc

-his/her motivations or goals (if any)

-the obstacles he/she faces


1. One submission per story.

2. Keep it short & sweet: max 250 words, please.

3. Must be submitted by Friday the 25th (GMT midnight).

4. Priority goes to those who weren't showcased in the villain post. After that, it goes one a first come first served basis.

*EDIT: Waiting list is now full! Only new authors (not showcased in the previous post) need submit.*


I will stick to the facts you give me, but I may also reword, summarize, etc your submission, either to make it shorter, more coherent, or more catchy. By submitting you're agreeing to let me do this. :) After all, it's free advertising for your story. Are you really going to complain?

Either reply here or email me at [email protected]

Thank you!

Here's Shane Myers from Strange Little Band. (Duly noted about stories not included in the villains post getting preference.)

File under Badass Bookworm with a bad case of Jerkass Facade.

Thanks for this! I didn't want to give away my villains, but heroes are much easier. :)

In Tales of Pneuma we have Liam Wheelwright. He's a skinny, gentle yet surprisingly resilient 21 year old college student, with aspirations of becoming a doctor. Having been abandoned by his parents in his youth, he's wary of relationships and keeps most people at a distance; the only exceptions to this are his roommates, who are his replacement family. Now that his parents are dead, he hopes to discover who killed them and why they abandoned him by working at a shop that serves as his link between the magical and ordinary worlds. Of course, he'll discover more than he bargained for.

He could be categorized as an Action Survivor, the ordinary person. While he does have a somewhat-special ability, the ability to smell and identify even the faintest scents including spells, he never would have realized this was special if he hadn't been tossed into his odd situation.

Thanks again,


@Frances - you're included in the post!

@tenaciousN - you're first on the waiting list. :)

-his/her trope category

-his/her name

-a short description

-superpowers / special abilities / etc

-his/her motivations or goals (if any)

-the obstacles he/she faces

Takun is a Jerkass. He's obnoxious, rude, and a womanizing drunken cheater. The real problem is that he can get away with it because he's rich and can buy his way out of trouble. His friends aren't even sure why they are friends with him. He throws violent hissy fits when things don't go his way. He's tall, has white and black hair, blue-gray eyes, and lion-like ears. Since he's a cursed wolf, he can ultimately harvest people's souls and turn into a monstrous creature. He doesn't really have any motivation other than getting drunk, getting laid, and eating. Then he gets recruited by Vincent, but you'll have to read to see his decision?

If other people haven't been on the blog yet, you can put them first.

Can you do one about people Leveling Up In Badass? You know those secondary characters that go from comic relief to butt kicking badass.

@Sora Leveling Up In Badass? That sounds fun! I'll keep it in mind & add to my list of follow up ideas.

I think I'll post up a hero from Chaos Fighters-Route of Earth, which will be posted up on 18th October 2009, exactly one year after I start involving in web fiction (Click on my first link).

-The Chosen One

-Tefia Rypal

-An S-grade sorcerer who wears stainless steel thread robe and having brown hair barely touching shoulder.

-She masters all types of magic, but she has solid physical fighting skills as well. Her rod, ifnarisis, can act as a knife, a lance, a spear, a cannon and even a rocket.

-As a chosen one by Gods, she must prove herself to be worthy as one by collecting four holy items and pass the holy trial before she is sent to the realm of Satan to defeat the demon lord.

-The minions of the demon lord try to stop her from obtaining the holy items while the trafficking criminals tried to prevent her from stopping the trafficking activities.

The leveling up idea is good. I have another idea: The science behind the sci-fi stories and magic behind fantasy stories.

This looks like fun. Here goes...

Lovely Angels: Kat and Mouse

KAT: Meter-ninety and eighty kilos of dark haired Amazon in black biker leathers. Sports a pair of .45-caliber hand cannons.

MOUSE: Petite fireball in a black leather trenchcoat. Favors Japanese short swords and other pointy toys.

Both are ronin--guns for hire. Both are fitted with adrenaline stimulators, bone reinforcement, dermal armor, and other assorted biomod goodies. Both are just trying to earn a living in the near-future metropolis of Bay City, California Free State.

And both tend to bite off more than they can chew.

Luckily, they usually resolve the situation.

Their way.

Which tends to involve gunfire, explosions, high body counts, and adult language.


from Kat and Mouse: Guns For Hire by Abner Senires

@acetachyon I'm aiming for one character / story: do you have a preference between Kat and Mouse?

@acetachyon I'm aiming for one character / story: do you have a preference between Kat and Mouse?

Ah. I see.

Well, the conceit of the series is that they're a team. Hence the Lovely Angels trope.

um...will there be a "Duo" or "Team" category later on? If so, I'll pull them from this list and put them there. No worries.

One more for the waiting list:

Nick Klein fits both into Gadgeteer Genius and Badass Bookworm.

Brown haired, and of average height, he doesn't stand out in a crowd.

Unlike many classic superheroes, Nick doesn't have a tragic past. He became a superhero because his friends (descendants of his grandfather's teammates) wanted to, making him one of the few superheroes whose origin is essentially peer pressure combined with curiosity.

Nick is fascinated with how things work and somewhat socially awkward, often oblivious to other people's lack of interest in technical details. He has no superpowers -- just training in the martial arts and a talent for understanding technology. He's also got the use of his grandfather's powered armor (strength, protection, and sonic weaponry).

The major obstacles he faces include mobsters, conspiracies, and some of his teammates' tendency to be less cautious than he is.

@acetachyon To be honest I don't think there's enough fiction out there for a separate 'team' posting, considering I still haven't gotten many 'new' submissions for this post!

But I was thinking: the length of your description is within the right range, so it really won't cost me much to just put both of them in. It's not like you've given me two long separate character bios, and they do fall under one trope, so....

I'll add you in as is. Sound good?

@Other authors reading this: if you haven't submitted your heroes, do so already!

EDIT: Also, would there be any authors interested in a post on sidekicks? Something else? Trying to see whether it's worth doing a third in the series or not.

Sidekicks? This is good idea. Hopefully this third in the series will become real.

I'll add you in as is. Sound good?

Sounds good.

I just wanted to make sure I was abiding by the rules of the post, hence, pulling the entry for use in a future one.

Another idea.... How about mentors?

-Closest I can come is White Prince

-Temmin, Heir of Tremont

-When the story starts, Temmin is 16. He's tall and gangly, but has yet to come into his full height and weight. His hair is golden blond; his eyes are blue. He has trouble still growing a full beard, but his sideburns have come in and his mustaches are coming along. He's been described more than once as a puppy; though there isn't a breed with that name, he'd be a Golden Retriever puppy specifically. :) Temmin is smarter than he thinks he is, and quite perceptive when he stops contemplating his navel, which, being 16, isn't very often at present. He was deliberately sheltered growing up with his mother away from court at Whithorse; he's inexperienced in both politics and girls, and was treated as "one of the gang" in the Whithorse Estate stables. He's largely unaware of his privilege, though he feels he has more in common with regular folk than nobles. He is an expert horseman who until recently preferred to spend as much time as possible in the stables.

-Temmin is showing signs of magical sensitivity, the first in his line to display any form of magic in 358 years. So far, he can't actually perform magic; he can only sense some limited forms of it.

-At this point in the story, Temmin wants both to please and piss off his father, who was absent for most of his childhood and who currently disapproves of Temmin. Increasingly, Temmin wants the approval of his tutor, the enigmatic Teacher, who holds all of the royal magic for the family and is apparently immortal. Temmin wants to spend as much time as possible in bed with Allis and Issak Obby, both of whom he's fallen for, and both of whom are occasionally possessed by Gods. And he's trying hard to both get his head out of his ass (when he can tell that's where it is--hello, 16) and learn to become a good ruler.

-The Kingdom is facing threats at home and abroad. Teacher is encouraging the return of magic to the royal line, but is that really a good thing for the Kingdom, or just for Teacher? And Temmin faces a "conveniently cryptic" birth prophecy that says he will lead the already-powerful Kingdom either to its ruin or to its ultimate glory. Will he gain the wisdom he needs to choose the right road?

@MeiLin - thanks, you're on the waiting list.

@jzoetewey Mentors is a good idea.

I just worry about not getting enough fresh input. It'd be a bit silly to run follow up posts if it's mostly going to repeat advertising for the same selection of fics, don't you think?

Agreed, wholeheartedly. After a while it might be considered preaching to the choir... though it's a lot of fun. :)

I think I'd better let the hero from my story describe himself. ;)

Because, you see, I don't age. Don't know the reason, really. And that's about the only thing special about me, if you overlook the general cuteness/smugness mix that has been my signature for about as long as I can remember.

To earn a living (and to piss off the Church), I run the only night club in the galaxy: Madilon. It's an old research space station I've redecorated a bit, so to speak. But of course, the Pope and the army won't let me be. They try to hunt us down and blow us into the ether.

Luck's been on my side so far. But you never know... As I say: parties are illegal, Madilon's illegal-er! That's a pretty good incentive for those self-righteous bastards to come after my little business."

Woot! I missed the villains post, but this is nearly as good. Well, better.

Trope: Magnificient Bastard

Name: Demetrius/ Decentius

Story: The Shadows of Sicily (

When he is first introduced Demetrius is a simple Sicilian slave with familial devotion and a touch of power hunger.

Then he is changed. He becomes a Shadow and takes the name Decentius - as he has 'descended'. Dark haired, pale skinned, with icy blue eyes; his physique seems thin and unthreatening but he is stronger than he appears.

Of course, not all of that strength is natural. Having risen to Immortality as a Shadow (think vampire), he can touch minds, possess supernatural strength or speed, and become one with the shadows around him.

In his heart he wishes to regain that which he has lost; his family. In his mind this means protecting the mortals of Sicily from the depredations of foreign conquerers.

Sadly, he stands second to the sleeping Signore Umbrae, whose servant Maggiordomo Theophilus will use his own resources and manipulation to block Decentius' grabs for power.