Ten Chapters Completed!

I did it, I did it! Holy God, that was hard. I've just pushed the 'publish' button for the tenth time. This is huge! I've broken double digits, and it's with something that I like enough to recommend rather than bury under my usually frantic, "DON'T LOOK IT'S NOT READY!" I feel like ran a marathon.

I know, I know: ten parts isn't a lot next to the established writers of WFG, but everyone has to cross this line once, right? Well, I'm doin' it today, and I'm so stupidly thrilled that I'll - just for now - focus on this success instead of the twenty things I have to fix on the actual website 'cause Wordpress tossed everything around on me when it updated its template.

Ten, you guys!

It is a definite milestone, and those are fun to reach! Congratulations on reaching double digit chapters in an original work!

I hate when WordPress 'updates' or 'upgrades' things for me. Both of those words read as "Looks like there's some mystery work for you to find and take care of tonight!" to me.

I had an overly organized, well functioning system to which WordPress just said, "I like watching you build things! :D Do it again. All of it."

And thank you! I'm psyched about this. I can't believe I've even made it so far.

Congratulations Tartra!

Wordpress dot com has been tweaking so much crap lately I swear to god everyday I check my dashboard and something is out of place or something new got added to the menus or shuffled around. In addition my theme had its font very slightly changed recently and it looks weird to me now, but I endure. I'm not good with changes...

One day, I'll scootch away from templates, and then WordPress will never, ever bother me again (HA!), but until then, I need to be more disciplined with back-ups. My entire archive page, for starters, is ruined. It's listing the full posts rather than giving an orderly list.

Bah! Back in my day, we had to write ten chapters the hard way! Through five feet of snow, uphill both ways. We didn't have this fancy internet crap to distract us, either. Nosiree. If we wanted to procrastinate, we had to do heroin and scotch! That, and crippling depression. Sometimes even during the Depression. Not like you kids today with your computers. You're all like "Oooh, look at me, I still have my real teeth!" Well, who needs it? I don't. I'm happy to live in my cave and slowly write out my responses on parchment, then fax them out. That's all I need. Just my fax machine, my scrolls, my quill, and my robotic RealDoll. A simple, old-fashioned life.

In my meagre defense, I'm up in Ottawa, so I am pretty damn close to writing under those snow-swamped conditions. :P But you have me at the heroin and scotch. It really shows how much the times have changed. Me, I just snort a few lines and stir the rest into my coffee - way less work. Kids today have none of that old-fashioned determination.

Congrats Tartra!

Keep in going. You need to be stupidly thrilled at what you do before others do!

@Psycho Gecko: lol xD

Thanks, Feidor! :D Stupidly thrilled is what I do best! It's really my only talent.

Congrats! Time passes so quickly. You'll be at twenty, then thirty+ before you know it. Just make sure you stick with your schedule!

Funny thing about that schedule of mine: it's terrible. Part of my New Year Minus January Resolution is to cut back a lot of the fluff stealing time in my life - really hammer down those priorities - and move more towards writing, hanging with the boyfriend, playing with the cat, hanging out with friends (who are apparently outranked by the cat), and supporting you guys.

Actually, this is something that's been gnawing at the back of my mind for a while. I'll make a new thread about it, so stand by. :)

Celebrate every milestone. As they stack up, so does your momentum. Before you know it, you'll find it easier to keep going than to quit.