Ten Year Anniversary

I meant to put this up yesterday, but as of yesterday, The Legion of Nothing has been a web serial for ten years.

I had no idea it would last this long. I do, for what it's worth have an ending planned. We're just not up to it yet. I'd figure we're a little over half way.

Congratulations! That's an amazing achievement.

Wow! That's impressive! Way to keep at it.

Holy cow! Here's a virtual birthday cake for you. :)

Congratulations to your commitment to the long story. One of the main reasons I love writing serial fiction is that a story can run as long as needed. In your case, ten years and counting... wow! I was curious, so I checked out your site. You have nine books in serial format and you're only half way done? Again... wow! Should I ever get any real down time to read in the near future, I'm going to have to check your story out. It has to be one hell of a tale to run that long. I'm currently writing the fifth book in my series and it will conclude with Book Eight... eventually... and I thought that was long... lol. Again, my hats off to you sir for your commitment to the long story. Those are the best kind ;)

Congrats, man!

At its core, Legion of Nothing is a coming of age story, so it's got to end when the main character comes fully of age. That's always been true. I never did think completely through how long it would take to get there, though. Thus, there are no expectations to fail to live up to. That said, I did think it would be over sooner than this.

Basically, what I've got is three major arcs and a few story tropes I want to use. When I cover the major tropes I want to use with the characters, I'll end the series.

Congrats! That's quite a feat! And yeah, it is pretty amazing how a story can take off on you like that. :)

Because, when they come of age, the deal is off, and Lee kills everyone?

Man, if everyone died, they really would be...

*takes off sunglasses*

a Legion of Nothing.

*CSI Miami theme plays*

Damn! That is quite the milestone good sir. I have no doubt that you could do another decade.

Congrats, Jim! (It still amazes me that some people can get through your backlog in under a month.)

Somewhat related to Billy's first comment (kudos on the CSI reference there by the way, I chuckled), I'd be interested in knowing how the story evolved from it's first conception to where it is today some time. Like, Jim, I know you've said you'd have started with fewer characters if you'd foreseen where things were going, and I know some of the ones (like Amy) have evolved from background characters to support to almost full time members. How much of that's planned and how much of that's just seeing where the story takes you? How many elements are really just side stories to give readers a breather? How much relationship angst was in the cards? Do "arc" plans need to shift as earlier elements get fleshed out?

I dunno, don't feel you need to respond, it's only something with so much history feels like the evolution would be neat to look into sometime. (A "Behind the Scenes" for when the DVD is released. I wonder who will play Nick.) Congrats again.

Congratulations, Jim :)

Pardon my tardiness. Congratulations, Jim. I remember looking around at one point for something to read about superheroes and stumbling upon your serial, the first such serial I read. It all went from there. So huzzah, you're to blame for me being here and in various other places.

Thanks, everyone.