Thank You capriox For Your Review of My Story, Arcana Magi

Good Afternoon capriox,

I would like to thank you for your review and thoughts on my story Arcana Magi. It has met my expectations, in that you have pointed out my writing errors and have shown a willingness to continue to read my story upon improvements. It's not easy for me to self-edit my own chapters in Word Doc when it doesn't show all the errors I have made, like passive voice. I will be re-writing the first three chapters to address the issues of my writing that you had pointed, and I hope that I will meet your's and everyone else's expectations in my writing.

I appreciate and welcome your support.


H-M Brown

Oh, dear. As I pointed out in a related comment elsewhere in the forum, I reviewed Arcani Magi because it was floating around in the unreviewed listings section, oblivious to your review request. I guess I like seeing more of the stories at WFG have at least one review so people know it's there, for better or for worse. It's entirely a reader review, not a critical writing evaluation (there are other places to go for critique circles, IMO). I just wanted to make that all clear.

That said, I'm glad you found my review useful. If you wish to contact me directly in the future, please feel free to email me at the address posted in my profile: at gmail dot com. I feel a bit embarrassed to be taking up the forum with a private back and forth *blush*.

Unless you wanted your post to be public anyway, in which case, I'll simply say I appreciate the recognition. Thanks.