Thank You E_Foster

Thank you again E_Foster. What am I thanking you for now? Well, as it turned out, I had thought the first few updates that got mucked up by my site were still readable, they were not. Instead they were horrible blocks of text. That you read through them an enjoyed my writing is astounding, and I am glad you did not suffer, or at least, didn't suffer much.

I've fixed them now. The first eleven posts.


I shudder to think of how many readers were turned off by that. Just glad that the combo of me finally editing for an ebook and your comments got me to look at them and not rely on my memory.

No use crying over split milk I guess.

Glad I could be of some help! (And the writing was more than good enough to overpower the formatting problems!) :)

I'm quite flattered that you thought my writing was that good. If it was me, I quite probably would have not read the serial, unless someone else told me that it was actually good and to ignore the formatting problem.