Thank you, Eren Reverie

I check the site for new reviews every day, and today I'm particularly glad I did. The funny thing is that exactly one week ago I read your Milgram review, where you mention something about your preferred scenarios. And I sat there hoping you'd read my story. I figured it might be something you'd like.

I'm really flattered that you think my writing is good, and that my constant struggle with the language barrier isn't noticeable. I have to use google and a variety of translator software for every other sentence, and the first pre-release chapters I wrote back in April were AWFUL. Pretentious, clunky beasts with a structure that barely made any sense at all.

Knowing that I can actually compete with native English speaking authors makes my day. Thank you.

One question: Did you mean to not click the 'recommend this' box? I'm asking because it's one of your two highest rated reviews so far, and the box is easily overlooked. :)