Thank you, Hollins!

I was doing my usual half-awake morning internet skim this morning and had actually clicked along to the next page before morning brain went, "Hey! Was that a Crowmakers review I just saw?" I started that serial primarily just to motivate myself to finally finish it for my sons (and myself) and plugged it into the usual set-and-forget promo channels just in case it might snag someone else's fancy. So I am delighted and still smiling to see that it did. :)

It's very cool to hear your take on the characters and where you think the story is going. A couple of things you brought up were not on my radar at all, so now I can decide how to address those assumptions (or possibly twist them to my advantage, muahaha).

Thanks for the read and for taking time to review! <3

Lee, my pleasure! I read it complete when you posted 1.11 but never got back to it and never reviewed, so my bad there. I noticed it while trawling the new listings. need to finish catching up, but its on my rss reader now! Really hoping we get into the tech behind the Crows too.