Thank you JPV100!

First of all, thanks for reminding me that the links on Wattpad are buggy - I copy-pasted everything over from Tumblr, and forgot to update the intermission descriptions to let readers know that Wattpad doesn't allow for clickable links. I went back in on Wattpad and tried to make it more clear, so hopefully other people don't have that issue! I'm also aware that the Tumblr's font size is pretty small and I've been digging around in the code recently to see if I can find a fix for it, since Tumblr doesn't let you manually set the font size for whatever blog theme you choose.

I am really glad that you enjoyed Antlers, and I'm so grateful for your glowing review! I'm definitely gratified to know that the present tense works, and that you enjoyed Austin as a character (he's actually bisexual, but it's Word of God for now until I can find a natural, non-shoehorning way to work it into the text).

Awesome! I'll totally change those bits of my review as soon as those changes take effect.

Like I said, I really enjoyed Antlers! Keep up the good work!

Thanks!! I noodled around in the Tumblr code for a bit yesterday and I think I managed to change the font sizes - let me know if they look any bigger to you! I work on a really large monitor so everything sort of looks ubiquitously small.

Yeah, it's definitely more readable now! Thanks!

No problem! I'm just glad I finally figured out how to fix it.