Thank you, JPV1000!

First off, I really like your user name.

Second, thanks for the nice review. I really appreciate it. It was actually much better than I expected. I'm happy to know that the serial is doing better and it makes me want to get to writing it full force. Thank you so much.

As for your complaints. I did notice that the hellhounds had been moved to the back burner. I have been getting them more and more into the story. It wasn't my intention to make them seem secondary, it just kind of happened with all the stuff that's been happening in the story. I guess I was just focusing on getting the story rolling. Hopefully soon, I'll get the hounds into the story as much as I had originally planned.

Grace not being relatable is a new complaint. I'll have to work on that. Honestly, the people I have talked to never really mention Grace minus those that are mothers. I guess it would be a lot easier for them to relate to her than anyone else. I'll have to look into that when I do my edits/rewrites and in future chapters. I can only hope that gets better as time goes along.

So, thank you again. I'm happy that I decided to do a review swap now. For obvious reasons, I was a little nervous. So thanks for helping gain some confidence back, and I hope to improve on what you mentioned.

Sorry I didn't have a chance to respond to this before.

What we do see of the hellhounds is cool, and I look forward to seeing more of them in the future. They're a fun element, and what I said was almost more 'These are an awesome thing that should get more screentime' than anything else.

But seriously, keep writing! It's a fun serial, and I look forward to reading some more of it.

Definitely keep writing. At this point, I don't think I can stop. It's a little bit of a sickness. lol. The hellhounds will get more screentime. I do have a chapter planned in the near future that will be only them.

And I do plan on getting to your serial/review soon. I've been a little weighed down with homework so it might take me until next week. The goal is to get it at least read by the end of the week and have the weekend to write the review.