Thank you, Nicholas Cage

BillyHiggins, that review was a blast. Thank you for your honest (and very kind!) words. I promise one day I'll work out the pacing kinks on those early chapters - they're borderline literary whiplash, and I can only use the 'Oh, it used to be a roleplay!' rationalization for so long - but until then, I'm just gonna giggle about how great things sound so far.


Tee-hee - flippin' Nick Cage! :D

Haha, glad you liked it! More important tho, I really want some of the deets on this RP.

You... RPed this with someone? Random person on the Internet or a friend? What do they think about the fact that you're turning this into a serial?

Honestly between this and the tree idea you seem to be a never-ending well of surprises.

Haha! Yeah, a few years ago, I started a one-on-one roleplay using the serial's more-or-less first chapter, which is why it reads like a cut-off teaser. She was just someone random online, but it went on for about three years. Then she got kind of... well, she took the friendship to uncomfortable levels, then got angry when I didn't fit the 'big sister' role she put me in. (For starters, she's older than me by a few years.)

No clue what she thinks! The last thing I really heard was 'I don't care what you do with this', so I saved that as her blessing and cut the ideas she wrote in her posts. This is now 100% my stuff: Alex, Xander, the Agents, the powers, tons of upcoming concepts. The Leading Lady her main character played was the only actual hole to plug, but Beth took to it great, and then the art and Terry and all that other stuff spun off from there. :D And has been much better written, if I do say so myself.

The original roleplay is actually still being archived here:

I'm very slowly moving the original RP's posts on over from here:

Yaaaaay, origin stories and drama!!

Oh wow, the serial I'm working on started out as an RP, too.

I wonder how many online novels have primordial roleplay incarnations... >_>

*waves frenetically*

Not the one listed here though.

Apologies if this off topic. This thread got me wondering what sort of roleplay a bunch of serial fiction writers would come up with. Does WFG ever initiate outings like that?

No, nothing's been done like that that I know of. I'm honestly over roleplaying these days. It's a great hobby that helped me learn to write, but like fanfiction, I want to take a long break and buckle down on my real projects.

Like this one.

That I'm late to update for.

Because arrrgggh, so much rewriting.

I played in a Wormverse forum roleplaying game once. The character I created there became the first of Anathema's 3 POV characters. Honestly, if it wasn't for that game (and Wildbow), I might never have started a serial.

Haha, omg Tartra you already have a lot of story written. 700,000 words? Holy crap!

This makes me wonder if I should revive Rebecca The Death Goddess.

Probably not.

(Definitely not.)

700K words?! Over what amount of time? Whoa! That's seriously impressive.

Threeeee yeeeears - with as many notes and planned plots that I didn't get to work in before the RP was over. I plan to take nearly that long again. Longer, actually, because this thing is going to be a different beast by the end.

RPs are fantastic in the way NaNoWriMo is fantastic: spit out some crap, explain the story to yourself quickly, and then you've got an actual idea of what the plot is. :D