Thank you so much lifesharpener!

Wow! I popped over here just to scroll through the forums a bit and noticed the review of my webnovel on the front page! Thank you so, so much for taking the time to review Earthcast! I'm so flustered, I didn't ever expect to get such a glowing review. Thank you for mentioning that it might be difficult for readers unfamiliar with the mythology to get into- that's been a concern of mine. I want to throw in all these details and references to things, but I have to make sure it's actually important to the story and not just me having fun, haha.

I guess basically, I can't say thank you enough!

My pleasure to review, I should be thanking you for a good read! I really enjoyed your story, so I couldn't help but write my thoughts. When you get more reviews, I'm sure that they'll say similar things. Your writing is pretty polished. :-)

I think in the beginning to middle everything is perfect, but close to the later chapters I think that there was a lot going on. I started to get a little lost in all the side plots/new story elements, but...all in all, it's a terrific story, your golem character is my favorite.

Just out of curiosity, do you have a Russian/Romanian/Eastern European background?

And also by any chance, have you ever read Enchantment, by Orson Scott Card? Your story really gave me nostalgic memories of that book.

I'm Eastern European Jewish (family members migrated from various EE countries during WW2, though not Romania), so yeah, a lot of my inspiration comes from trying to learn more about that heritage since I'm fairly disconnected from it in the States. Plus a lot of the folklore from that area is just super neat and not touched on nearly enough in fantasy.

Glad you like Kezia, she's very dear to my heart as well. So is that jerk strigoi.

Duly noted about the over-complexity of the new chapters, there are a lot of plot threads right now that I need to pull back together. I'm afraid I have a tendency to take tangents and run wild with them, haha.

I have not read that! Maybe I'll look it up!

"Plus a lot of the folklore from that area is just super neat and not touched on nearly enough in fantasy."

I swear I typed that exact same sentiment in my previous comment; but then I deleted it because I thought it made me sound a little too arrogant for a reader. haha!

Glad you're picking up the cultural fusion torch. It really adds a neat flavor.