Thank you, TanaNari and Knifleman!

I read both of your reviews when I first woke up the other morning. Then, I drank some coffee and re-read them, because there was some high praise in there. Then I shared them on my FB page (well, not MY page, but the page I use for serial links) because, surely, someone out there would be able to bring down my swelling ego. Not so much, as of yet.

Thanks SO much for your comments and for reviewing my serial at all. I'm sure we all know that, as writers, we subsist off of praise and scorn in equal measure. I suppose I'll have to pick a fight with someone for the latter.

(Commentary: you're both absolutely right, in that I'm NOT trying to reinvent the wheel. I am a genre fiction writer and I've got no illusions about it.

To Tana: Devlin being so atrocious with languages is just a set up for a joke that may or may not ever happen. With regards to Paris, he spent most of his time in solitary - because most time in that particular prison actually IS spent in solitary - or talking to Patrick and his friends, who all speak English. Also, yes, I know next to nothing about prison life, which is exactly why I glossed over it.

To Knifleman: My grasp on hacking terminology is only slightly more complete than Devlin's, which is why I opted to have my first person narrator incapable of understanding the fine points. I do Google a few things, just to make sure they're even possible before I put them in the story, though. It's also possible that I was copying Dresden - I believe I was reading that series when I started - but it wasn't conscious. Mostly, I wanted a character who WASN'T like the one in my Western, and Devlin came out.)

Again: thank you! I'm still plugging along in Outliers, while tackling the dual problems of faulty air conditioning and Summer vacation. But I WILL get to it.

Hey, no problem. I was probably gonna leave a review anyway; I try to do it for everything I read that hasn't been completely inundated with them (re: Worm). And don't worry, if there's ever a good thing to imitate, it's probably the Dresden Files. Hell, the only reason I probably even noticed any similarities is because I've read them so many times I've practically absorbed them.

And don't stress yourself about the review, or even feel obligated to do one. I'm not exactly waiting on tenterhooks or anything like that :)

Yeup, as far as genre fiction goes, you're doing your job just fine. I just personally believe in writing as an artform, and part of art is the exploration of the human condition- for good or ill. I... suspect it shows in my work...

Sorry it took so long to get your review done. It has been a hectic past couple months for me.