Thank you, Tintenteufel.

Thank you for the review. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story enough to carry on regardless of the writing.

The ebook version is substantially different. Cleaner, for the most part. And with the writing tightened up a great deal. I'm kinda in limbo about updating the serial version as Select have some exclusivity clauses that I'm already skirting, if not outright breaking.

Speaking for myself, I liked both of your reviews, Tinten. Thanks for contributing, and thanks for the review of Worm.

No, no, my pleasure entirely and thanks. :) I like doing reviews, even on writing forums. Forces you to reflect on the book and condense it somewhat.

I did notice the Rewrites of Magelife but actually only read the first one. The eBook is completely new to me and I think I will give it a try. :) Although I would have used that awesome Header of yours for the cover. The writing was not that bad, too. Most of the time it flowed quite nicely and I was only yanked out of immersion a few times by holes and errors. The greatest problems really are the punctuation and spelling mistakes.

Btw.: Your Donation page is broken.

My donation page is dead. I had a problem with my editor, and Paypal in their infinite wisdom decided that I got what I paid for without actually checking what I got. It was a word document, so taperable according to them. I blew up my paypal account when their decision came. I got my money back through the bank and spend a considerable amount of time fixing what she ruined.

The rewrite started and then stopped as I felt the original was better, it just needed a bit of love.

The header is a cover I would have dearly loved to us, but its non-commercially licenced and the artist is very very very expensive.

Very sorry to hear that. :(

Do you actually plan to try that kind of thing again or strictly eBooks after that?

And are there new serials planned?

Actually, I released my second book this a couple of days ago. A novella. Working on MageLife 2 as we speak, and there are a couple of others slowly coming along.

I start university in less than a month, so a serial is not really compatible with the change in my circumstances. Nor is it that profitable for me.

I was lucky with Magelife, it seemed to strike a chord with readers, flaws and all. And they will not shut up asking for the next one.

As much as I like the serial format, I have to go with what is the best return on the investment of my time. Ebooks are where I feel I can get that return best.