Thank you!

I saw that someone voted for Rema on topwebfiction AND gave it 4.5 stars! Whoever you are, thank you so so so much! This has really made my day as traffic to my site has sort of plateaued. Keeping on top of updates is ROUGH.

Anyway, if you're reading this voter, you made all this effort - drawing, writing, posting - worth it. ;_;

You can see who voted by going to Rema's page on webfictionguide and clicking the 'overall 1 vote' rating link. It'll show you a table with every vote and who voted it as what.

The orange stars mean it was a WFG editor that gave you the rating.

Scratch that. Not an editor. All numbers are displayed orange on that list.

Aaaah I see! Thanks for all the info Wildbow and THANKS FOR MY FIRST REVIEW!! Wow. Not only is this my first review for the website, but it's the first review of my prose writing EVER. So. Grateful!

And yes the beginning has plagued me... I wonder how it would work if it just started with her walking to school instead of looking at the dress. Hm. You've given me much insight and food for thought and I'm so grateful you took the time to read Rema! I'm more psyched than ever to get to the later chapters. Second half of the book is my pride and joy! :)

P.S. I really am here on the forums just because I think you all are awesome. I'm not kidding... I live in LA and am surrounded by career ambition. It's nice to hear from people who have independent spirit! But if it gives me an edge up on the reviews, then all the better. Thanks so much again. Big smile on my face, like this: ^_______________________^

Oh, you're welcome. I know it wasn't intentional, getting involved to get a review, but I did want to highlight the fact in hopes of encouraging anyone on the sidelines to come and start participating. Doubly so for those who are cognizant of how important it is to get noticed early, before they disappear from the sidebar & risk falling into obscurity.

Getting reviews is nice - I remember how I was pumping my fist in the air after getting Gavin's review of my serial. Be sure to pay it forward when you can spare the time. There's other newbies on that New Listings bar hoping for some attention, and it's hard to reach all of them, especially with each of us having our own projects to manage.

I have awakened from my rejuvenative hibernation just long enough to say that participating and paying it forward with reviews are the best ways to help WFG grow and to increase your own enjoyment and relationships. I woke up because Wildbow mentioned me despite 16 other Worm reviews and I was surprised and flattered my review meant that much. Shows some of the potential power of this community, I think.

Now back to regenerating.

Heal well, GSW. Quickly and well.

I'm glad you're happy, you totally deserve it. I love your story, and hope to give a review as soon as I can catch up (holiday things had me bogged down for a bit).

The people here are pretty awesome, and there's a wonderful community out there for web serial authors.

Also, hope things go better for you, Gavin.

Gavin, Wildbow, you guys are totally right. Communities like this are hard to come by, too! I'll try to squeeze in a review for one of the other newbies. It'll be fun! :) And Gavin, get well soon!

Morgan so it was YOU. Thank you! It really honestly made my, like, MONTH. :D And good luck catching up with the holidays! I have yet to wrap any presents... :x