Thank You

So, you guys are great, in case you didn't know.

For more of an explanation, I used to have another blog (2011-2012,) back before I knew what a web serial was. In it, I was writing a web serial, wondering if I was doing something no one had ever done before, and if there were other people like me out there. (Spoilers: I wasn't and there were.) Needless to say, that blog died a slow and painful death, causing me from taking a break from stuff like this.

The point is, I was lucky to get sixty views a month. Comments were unthinkable. However, thanks to this site, I am now more successful than I thought could happen in such a short amount of time. Thank you.

I'm glad you're heading down the road you wanted, t4nky. :) And if, along the way, you learn any new tips for others, be sure to pay it forward and share the knowledge!

Thanks to site, I found girl with big penis AND hair growth pill. Thank , Web Spam Guide!!

Gecko-sempai I told you not to tell anybody.

Have fun, try no to let the shenanigans get to you t4kny.

The best part of PG's post? I did actually suggest a woman had a big penis in his april fools post. heh.

T4nky, community is awesome! Not just for the reader stream, but for helping each other out!