Thanks for Hobson & Choi reviews - Wildbow, Palladian, Dustinhonour

After seeing the latest review of H&C from Dustinhonour, it occurred to me that I'd never done one of these threads, so here's a (mostly belated) thanks to all three site members who have reviewed Hobson & Choi so far - Wildbow, Palladian and Dustinhonour.

Thanks to all three of you for taking the same to share your thoughts, good or bad - I appreciate the feedback in all regards, it's made me think about where the story's going, what people want from it, who it's intended for, and about just using the word "said" a little more rather than always shoving a gesture in the middle of dialogue. I think it's all ultimately made subsequent chapters a bit better.

Much appreciated,


You're welcome, Nick. I'm glad it was taken in stride, and I'm even gladder if it helped in any way.

How's Jukepop treating you?

Well, you know how I feel about H&C. :)

Wildbow - Jukepop's going good, thanks. I've managed to get into the top ten without having to wail about voting much, which is hopefully a good sign. Pretty pleased with recent chapters, got some nice feedback. Thanks again, and congrats on finishing Worm. One hell of an achievement.

Oh, and gratitude also to Colleen Vanderlinden of Hidden fame, who has also left a nice H&C review (annoyingly can't add her to the subject line), not to mention been supportive in general from an early stage. Much like casanders from the post above, in fact. Hooray for everyone!

I'm glad the review was helpful; I definitely had fun reading your serial.


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