Thanks for the review E Foster!

Many thanks for that great review! I'm glad it left an impression, and I very much appreciated your comments on the blog and the detail you go into in the review. Thanks for the critique as well. I've been trying to work on the characters and the relationships and such as I've gone along. Before the Solstice War I mostly wrote comedies, and my character writing was always kind of anime and cartoony. I was sort of shooting for them acting and sounding kind of weird and dysfunctional (Madiha's dialog is especially meant to be weird) but also rather self-serious; mecha anime melodramas like gundam were kind of an inspiration in that regard. That might have backfired some.

You're very welcome! I hope the review brings you more traffic. More people need to be reading your very smart and very well constructed story.

I'm not familiar with anime which is probably why the stylized dialogue went over my head. :) I did think that Chadgura's dialogue did work really well, though. Even without looking up her bio, I could tell she was intended to be autistic.

I hope it draws in more people too, that's always nice. I did see someone binging the entire archive on the day you posted but I've no way to tell if that's related. :) I'm happy to know that it was enjoyable despite the stumbles! There's more relationship/character stuff that happens after Ch. 15 that may or may not strike a better chord than the previous bits. I'll try to work on improving that.

Awesome - I look forward to reading more! :) And the stumbles were completely minor. On the whole, the story is amazing!