Thanks for the Review G.S.

Hi there!

I just realized that there was a thoughtful and in-depth review of Eclipse Court that I hadn't yet read. I'm pleased that the reviewer (G.S. Williams) picked up on the difference in the writing between the first and subsequent chapters! It means that my improvement as a writer is obvious, since Chapter One was rewritten at least one full year after I started posting online. I consider all of my online writing rough draft so a review like this is particularly helpful.

About the 'Fifth Millenium' name. It was decided on by Jim Baen (RIP) in 1989, when he bought 'The Cage' written by S.M. Stirling and I, so though we argued otherwise the publisher reigned supreme on this one.

I'm currently re-writing the whole series with the notion of attempting hard-copy publication but who knows how that will turn out, but that should even out the inconsistencies of the writing.

Thanks again.

I'm glad I could be of help, in any capacity -- I think that's the best I hope for with any review. Thanks!