Thanks for the review Oniwasabi

I just wanted to thank Omiwasabi for the review of Hero Historia. I'm glad you're enthused about the series' potential. The last episode of the first arc will go live next week, and after that we'll be starting the next and jumping from neolithic Jericho to the city-states of Sumeria.

Thank you as well for the advice regarding finding a first-reader to proof my chapters. I use several beta-readers in the novels I publish, and it's a great practice, and I had someone lined up to do so for Hero Historia, but they decided that a 2-3000 word episode every week was too big a regular commitment. I'm looking for a replacement and doing the best I can in the mean time.

When the arc wraps up and I'm packaging it as an ebook, I'll get the whole thing edited, then go back and apply the edits to the individual edits. In the mean time, readers are more than welcome to point out errors they've noticed, and I'll fix them right away.

It's not the best solution, I admit, but I think it's better than stopping until I find a new beta-reader.