Thanks for the review Wildbow

I just wanted to say thanks here for taking the time to review my stories (Peculiar Memories), since I don't see any way to directly message users on this site. You brought some readability issues to my attention. So far I made a couple of font changes and will try to revisit the stories soon to see if any of the longer paragraphs can be broken up without messing with the tone and style I was going for too much.

Take care,


p.s. Am I missing something, or is there really no way to directly send messages to members here?

If there is a private message function, I don't know of it.

I'm glad it was well received. When I'm in the mood to review, I tend to go through the recently added story list and look for a story that hasn't been reviewed yet. Thing is, most of these stories haven't been reviewed for a reason. Some aren't very good, and some, like yours, have readability issues or something else going on. I'm glad if I could help make the story better by pointing out what I did.

If and when you finish making the changes you're talking about, give me a heads up. I'd like to read some of the better chapters with stuff broken up into better paragraphs, or with any other changes you opt to make. I'll adjust my rating to reflect the changes.

For what it's worth, I have finally gotten around to making those changes. In addition to darkening the font and making it a little bigger, I have gone through and added paragraph breaks, hopefully this makes reading it a bit easier.

You were right about the paragraph length thing. On re-reading the stories I saw that there were several places that were natural paragraph breaks. As for the font, I had just used one of Blogger's canned themes with slight modifications, assuming that it would be good enough and never bothering to read all the way through the text on the site itself. So much for that.

Thanks again,