Thanks to Billy Higgins

Always a delight when someone reads my work and totally gets what I am doing. Just nodding my head, with delight, throughout your review. Yep, surf noir, yep beer, yep light - yep, yep, yep (even the, at times, purple prose, yep).

Thanks a ton! I raise my Pacifico in your general direction, Monsieur Higgins.

Sorry, think I missed this thread the last time I was on the Forums.

Anyway, it was my pleasure Craig! You made my workday more interesting, for which I'm grateful! So I raise my vodka coke in your direction. Yes, I know you're judging me for not drinking beer or tequila, but that's alright, I'll just have to drink to feel better!

Hey Vodka coke works for me - maybe just throw a bit of lime in there. Thanks again Billy - I look forward to reading Godpunk, it looks right up my alley.