Thanks to Dennis N. Santana

Thank you, Dennis, for the incredibly thorough review.

I know I've been treading some morally dubious grounds here, and so I struggle with whether or not I should complete this work. I realized I got in way over my head about two-thirds of the way through the first section, and, now, I'm wondering if it is worth completion because I don't feel like I'm smart enough (or have the time enough) to do the material justice.

But, anyway, I do appreciate you taking the time to read and review the story.

I think you should continue! Unless you don't feel like you have the energy or time anymore. The craftsmanship of each post is really well done and I think the ideas you have come from a good place and it shows in the story that you've got a lot of heart to put in it.

In the comments section of your About page I left you some more feedback that might help? I hope it's not presumptuous of me to do so!

The comments were super useful! Thank you! I really appreciate your time. I think you actually helped me close a hole in the story that was bugging me. :)

I'm glad :)

I wanted to take time to praise Dennis for his review of Cages as well -- it was thoughtful, well-written, and an excellent example to this community of articulate critique and the possibilities for this medium. Based on the review alone I will be checking out Foster's story, because experiments that move literature forward, even struggling ones, are part of the potential for webfiction, and his review makes the case that this story has unique value.

Literary critique, as opposed to negative criticism, is about thorough analysis of the quality of stories and their themes and objectives. Anyone can say a story is bad or good on an emotional reaction level -- it takes care to discern whether it is saying something meaningful, and how we can find new ways to say meaningful things. By such discussions, we advance the medium for everyone concerned, as we work together to elevate our abilities through the relationships that WFG makes possible.

Dennis has made a meaningful contribution to the commentary on E_Foster's work, and in so doing has contributed something meaningful to all of us here at WFG as a group. We need more reviews like this -- it reminds me of the best reviews from Fiona, Wildbow, Jim Z, and Eli James, to cite a few examples, and none of us hit it out of the park like this every single time. But just as writers need to strive to put out their best work, we can all work on excellent reviews for the good of all.

Agreed! Nice to see a thoughtful review of this work. And E_Foster, I hope you do finish the story, it deserves more than to be left hanging. Personally, I don't see the need to worry about it being "morally dubious". Besides the fact that you are handing the topic in a nuanced and thoughtful way, there is a grand tradition in classic "what if?" science fiction of putting humans in the position of being treated the way that humans currently treat animals. For example, Heinlein's "Goldfish Bowl". Grim story, but I love the last line.

Thanks G.S., Fiona :). When I review things it's almost always because something stuck with me, and I try to convey that back.

The review was beautiful, Dennis. I feel kinda honored (if that doesn't sound too weird) that you chose to take so much time with my work. :)