Thanks to Fiona Gregory for the review

Thank you very much Fiona, and thank you for commenting on the site too.

I am particularly gratified in how your reviews confirms several things for me. It can be hard to be sure of state of one's writing from relatives.

I fully intend to go deeper in the nature of my writing, gotta have more shivers of awe and so on. I'm glad that I'm improving, still got a ways to go yet of course! It is extremely comforting to know that I am actually improving rather than just spinning in place. For the most part I'll be sticking to familiar tropes, but expect the unexpected in the future!

Still, I really am greatly pleased to hitting the notes that I have hit, even if my fingers are a bit unsteady on the metaphorical keys so to speak.

I do want to improve in the area of seriousness, but I want to do it not at the cost of the playful whimsical base, expect slow growth there. A dream of mine is to one day master the art of getting the reader's guard down with humour, and then hitting them with an emotional gutpunch that doesn't come off as bad writing.

Anyway, thank you again, for confirming things that I knew myself, but could not be sure of. I shall hopefully continue to improve, not just in writing structure, but in everything else too. I'll see if I can shake that amateurishness in this year of 2015. There is still too much I'm doing by instinct. Getting back in the habit of devouring books will help somewhat I think. If there is anything particularly bad that stands out in your head it would be a lot of help if you spoke of it.

I'll get the hang of the smaller pieces sooner or later!

Awesome, it's good to know my impressions might be somewhat on base! Happy writings in 2015, and hoping more readers find their way to Kigan and Elcon...