Thanks to Fiona Gregory!

Thanks for reviewing Rasa! It came at something of a hard time in my life, and so I really appreciate it. I think I speak for all writers when I say that reviews like those give us the motivation to keep going.

As for the review itself: in regards to the things that stretched your suspension of disbelief, I'm afraid all I can say is that the answers are oftentimes more complex than they seem. I totally understand your point and in edits I'll probably be more upfront with these things, but for now I'll just say, yes, please trust me and hang in for the ride. :) (Also, I agree that I've neglected my descriptions, in retrospect. Sometimes it's easy to assume everyone has the same image in their head as I do.)

Again, thanks for the review! It really is helpful to get a second opinion and figure out where my writing needs to go!

You're very welcome, Kevin. The story certainly deserves more recognition, so I hope lots of people check it out, and I'll be interested to hear what other people think.

Am I right? Were you inspired by His Dark Materials? It definitely reminded me of that.

I mentioned it on the IRC channel my friends frequent, a short while after the review hit the front page. Sounded like a good premise. Maybe you got some clickthroughs that way.

I didn't have His Dark Materials in mind when I first started, but it is one of my favorites and looking back I can definitely see the similarities. Interestingly, His Dark Materials DID directly inspire a different, unrelated project, and I suppose that influence must have carried over to Rasa.

@Wildbow: I haven't seen any direct links from anywhere except WFG, but there has definitely been an increase in traffic on the site, and that would explain a lot of it. Thanks for the mention!

His dark materials were my most loved childhood books, I've often considered having a go at writing something of a similar style. I'll have to check out Rasa. I've been falling behind with all the reading I've had planned.


Just kidding, I loved those books. The third one got kinda weird, but I still liked it. The movie was pretty terrible, though.

I'm gonna check out Rasa, too. I just wanted to pull a religious mother, cause that's always fun.

I never noticed how anti-religion it was when I was little, but it only really started surfacing in the third book, which I wasn't such a fan of either. The movie was just... yeah, not going to speak of that. THAT was real sacrilege.