Thanks to 'Guest' for your recent feedback on my story

Hello Mr. (or Mrs.?) Anonymous!

I don't know if you are active on WFG and read this forum, but just in case you do (and in case you don't see my replies to each comment), I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for the negative feedback you posted in comments to my story. I really, really appreciate it. I keep asking my readers to please let me know if any aspect of the story bothers them or doesn't seem to make sense, but no one ever does. Negative comments would help me so much in improving the story before I publish the ebooks.

If you'd like to step out of the shadows and email me at anathemaserial(o), I'll send you an Amazon gift card. I'd also love to ask a few more specific questions, if you're up for it. But if not, that's totally cool as well. I'm going to hire a professional beta reader to track down all those oddities and inconsistencies that no one else told me about, and your comments will help us find them.