Thanks to Unillustrated

Wow. This is the first time anyone responded directly to one of my reviews and I gotta say, it feels great.

You're more than welcome. Earworm was a fun read and I'm sure it'll only get better with time.

I saw that there were a lot more stories on the site but I haven't done any real exploration yet. Are you the sole writer or is more of a shared setting/collaboration style of thing?

I think I said it in the review but even though the bad stuff hasn't really started yet... its pretty clear all the building blocks are there. Even leaving out the opening insane asylum thing, the set up is pretty much text book. I'm not 100% sure I'd know what was up without having seen the story tags/art/description that make it clear that this is horror, but I'd like to think that even if they claimed it was a romance I'd be expecting bad stuff to happen. Good call on not making his romantic rival a bullying jock stereo type. That and the depth of poor (I'm terrible with names) Cheerleader's character make it a lot more interesting. Their romance has a real, evident foundation. Poor William's romantic hopes only exist in dreams. I loved the contrast.

Oh, and might want to include a Legend for the map, something that spells things out a bit more clearly. The overall setup of the site is interesting and engaging, works very well with the water color style artwork too, but some clarity would still be a good thing.