That horrible moment...

...when you look at your serial submission, find three typos, and decide it's more important to fix the typos than it is to keep your spot in queue. BACK TO THE END OF THE LINE MR. WRIGHT


Funny thing is, with the new system, if you'd just mentioned it before resubmitting, it could be fixed no sweat, no losing your spot. :)

Is the new system running? I thought it was still being set up. Oh well, no worries, it's funnier this way. :-D

Still being set up, but seeing the changes pop up as I (we?) check in periodically.

Yay, I'm not last any more! Sucks to be you, Vocaloid!

(I kid! I kid!)

Haha, I literally JUST saw Vocaloid's serial on Royal Road. Like five minutes ago. Got good reviews, so that's nice.

Haha, I did this THREE times before I realized today what I was doing to myself... You're not alone, uber. :p

Would anyone mind telling me how to fix a submission? :o I don't wanna lose my spot. :(

The people who can review submissions can make adjustments to those submissions - in certain cases it may be easier to adjust a link or a tag than to refuse the submission and wait weeks for it to reappear.

If you let us know what needs fixing, someone could go and make a tweak.

I'll send a message then! Thanks! :D